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LFC Players Rating: 2014-15 Empty LFC Players Rating: 2014-15

Post by iftikhar Wed May 13, 2015 3:25 pm

Mignolet: Ridiculously poor half-season and a dramatic turn-around in the other half. Still very poor in distribution.

Jones: Was poor to average in the handful of appearances he made.

Manquillo: Good in defense, poor in offense. Puzzled why he wasn’t used more often.

Johnson: Puzzled why he was used so often.

Enrique: Suspect

Moreno: Poor delivery in the final third. Lacks consistency and swung between very good and god awful.

Emre: Solid, consistent performance in defense. Doesn’t know when to pass while playing in midfield.

Skrtel: Solid, consistent performance albeit with his usual malaises.

Sakho: Solid, consistent performance with improved passing and poise.

Lovren: Few moments of goodness in otherwise very disappointing performances.

Toure: :coffee:

Allen: Progressed with games, from very poor to quite good.

Lucas: Still prone to conceding fouls in dangerous areas.

Henderson: Workhorse. Must improve his shooting, passing and deadball deliveries.

Gerrard: Molenation

Coutinho: His poor half-season is due to absence of any movements upfront, he proved that later in the season. Would like some more goals and not just from out-of the-box screamers.

Lallana: I’m telling you, this lad is quality. Had an underwhelming and underutilized season.

Markovic: Few moments of goodness in otherwise very disappointing performances.

Ibe: Solid, consistent albeit unspectacular performances.

Sturridge: :facepalm:

Balotelli: square peg in the round hole.

Borini: I vouched vigorously for him and I eat my humble pie.

Lambert: Should have been used more often.
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LFC Players Rating: 2014-15 Empty Re: LFC Players Rating: 2014-15

Post by Curtinho Wed May 13, 2015 4:31 pm

Not bad ifty! I'll add my opinions also, but I'll leave out bit players or guys that don't really matter or won't feature at all in the future.

Mignolet - I feel the same. Awful first half salvaged by a brilliant run after being reintroduced. Confidence and simplicity seems to be key for him. Still young though and approaching his prime years as a keeper.

Manquillo - Should have seen more time. He wasn't great going forward but his stability at the back could have been used to facilitate a back 4 more frequently. Plus Johnson is washed up.

Moreno - So inconsistent but has a ton of talent. Could easily be one of the best attacking fullbacks in the PL, but needs more experience and composure. He had some very good games, but also some very poor ones.

Can - Was solid for most of the season. Showed his inexperience a few times. He'll be ready by next season to be a fixture in the starting XI I'd imagine. A good summer signing.

Skrtel - For me he had a great season overall, though like most of our defenders looked lost quite a bit early on in the season. When he's insulated in a back 3 and is tasked just with sweeping up garbage he bosses for the most part. I've been a big critic of his and I'm glad he had a good season!

Sakho - Struggled early, had some issues but came back strong and worked his ass off to be our best defender. He looked awkward as always but is very efficient and should be the pillar of our defence for a while (hopefully).

Lovren - Was really good against Southampton then it all went downhill. Had some real stinkers, but like a few others since being re-introduced he has played remarkably well and that bodes well for his second season with us methinks. Still a lot of untapped talent here, and he is very young.

Allen - I think he can be a good bench player for us. When he is playing with confidence he can really dictate tempo in the middle and is tenacious on the ball. He had some really big performances for us when we needed them in that unbeaten stretch.

Lucas - Really came back into form this season after struggling with injuries. As above he still can be a bit foul happy, but overall nobody on our team right now reads the game defensively or plays the enforcer role quite as well as he does.

Henderson - One of two players to actually take a step forward this year. He has done it all and was one of the best midfielders in the PL period. I think he showed a bit of a lack of experience as captain at times, and will be looking to see him really step into the role next season after the shadow of Stevie is gone. Top player and he had a great season IMO. Could still improve his final product, but everything else seems to be on point.

Coutinho - This guy is just brilliant. He definitely struggled to start the season after a cracking pre-season, but after being re-introduced he was one of the very best players in the PL period. He drove everything forward and really took responsibility over the forward play for this team. If he can improve his finishing I can see him breaking out as a top 3 player in the PL next year, and the passion and love he shows for this club is refreshing in a world of mercenaries (especially given the small contract he signed). Top top player and the cornerstone of this team going forward IMO.

Lallana - Too bad he has so many fitness issues because when he did play he always provided a nice offensive spark. He played well in his debut, and now it's up to the staff and him to get him playing healthy. Even if he can only be a 60 minute player for us per game I think that he is extremely useful when on the field. Great workrate and contribution.

Markovic - He had a pretty poor season. Some flashes of speed and a bit of dribbling but I honestly expected a bit more. He can still come good though.

Ibe - Some really great games for the young guy. Played a no-nonsense type of game but would like to see him be a bit more adventurous when he plays...the talent is there. Either way looks to be another gem coming out of the academy and played really well in his appearances for the most part.

Borini - I actually think whenever he played he brought some good movement and energy to the front line. He's never going to be a world-beater, but I reckon had we used him in more games than not over Balotelli/Lambert I think he could have had some success and maybe gained us a few more points. One of the things he has that others lack too is passion which this team really needed this season.

Not gonna talk about Gerrard. I miss the man already, and his decline has been rapid. Legend.
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LFC Players Rating: 2014-15 Empty Re: LFC Players Rating: 2014-15

Post by Art Morte Thu May 14, 2015 9:18 am

There's are from best to worst and the number is supposed to be out of 10:

Henderson 8.5
A consistent and reliable performer who has done his job. Six goals and ten assists in this Prem season (with two games to go) are both career highs.

Coutinho 8.5
For all his skill, I'm still waiting & hoping for Philippe to take the next step when it comes to putting up the goals and assists numbers. He had 5 + 7 in the Prem last season and has the same now. It's not all about numbers, though; he is very important in our build-up and possession play for his ability to go past defenders and keep the ball.

Skrtel 8.5
Like Henderson, Skrtel is a consistent and reliable player, they both rarely miss games due to injuries. It's important to have some of these reliable guys in the squad. A few mistakes here and there, but that's normal, happens to everyone, overall a very solid season from Martin.

Sakho 8.0
The other scale of the reliability matter, sadly. Sakho has played just 15 PL games this season (although earlier in the season it was a selection thing, too, iirc). He played well when fit, so hopefully he'll have an injury-free next season.

Can 8.0
Got properly in the team in December when we switched to three CBs and has been mostly impressive, lately playing right-back.

Sterling 7.5
The one we don't know what to make of right now. Has refused what should be a dream contract for a 20-year-old. Performances haven't been exactly eye-catching, although 7 goals and 10 assists in the Prem is a good return for any 20-yo player. But overall I've been a bit disappointed with his level this season.

Gerrard 7.0
Some of them have been penalties, but he's our leading scorer in the Prem with eight goals. Eight. Our top scorer in the Prem this season is likely going to be less than 10 goals. F*** me. It's not the first time, though, as Milan Baros was our leading scorer with nine goals in Rafa's first season in '04-'05 when we also finished 5th. However, if no one reaches that nine PL goals in our remaining two games, that eight goals would probably* be the lowest ever number of goals that it's taken to win Liverpool's top scorer spot in a domestic league (*I checked until 1970).

Anyway, Stevie's performances have been between poor and OK, but at times he's also been played too high up the field, imo. It's probably the right time to move on, but it is sad, and the fact he might win our PL top scorer title in his last season just tells you of the intrinsic quality of this man.

Lallana 7.0
He's done all right, hasn't justified his price tag, but in fairness was probably never going to and it's not his fault we paid that much for him. Hopefully stays better fit next season.

Mignolet 7.0
He's been good in 2015 and hopefully keeps up this form now for good.

Lucas 7.0
He's done all right when picked.

Johnson 7.0
Going to go against the tide here and score him a seven. He is as annoying as ever, yes, when he loses the ball with careless passes a few times a game, but he also keeps showing what we are lacking from every other of our full-backs, the ability to beat your man in the wing and create a scoring opportunity with the cross or pass that follows.

Allen 6.5
He just brings too little to the team, but does all right on a good day.

Moreno 6.5
Like Ifty said, some very, very different performances from this guy. Towards the end of the season it's been heavily on the bad side, unfortunately.

Markovic 6.5
He's got talent, but he's looked a bit intimidated by the Premier League in his first season here.

Sturridge 6.5
See you in September, Daniel. Or November. Or January, when ever you're fit again.

Lovren 6.0
Combine uncertain defending and a poor passing ability and there you have a center-back I don't want playing for us.

Manquillo 6.0
Maybe a bit harsh on him, but I just don't see the level of talent it would require to play for us.

Toure 6.0
Thanks, Kolo, it's been entertaining in a way, but no more. No more.

Balotelli, Lambert, Borini 5.0
All I hope of this trio is that Balotelli would not be played as the lone striker any more, but behind one. But I don't think we're going to see that. Don't really care what happens with Rickie and Fabio.

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LFC Players Rating: 2014-15 Empty Re: LFC Players Rating: 2014-15

Post by BusterLfc Fri May 15, 2015 11:31 pm

Does it even matter?
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LFC Players Rating: 2014-15 Empty Re: LFC Players Rating: 2014-15

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