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Save Dutch The Service Dog Empty Save Dutch The Service Dog

Post by Lex Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:27 am

So, in a nutshell, Dutch is a dog who belongs to an army vet. He left the dog with his brother one day. Brother's fiancé hears Dutch and the brother's dog fighting in the yard. She rushes out to separate them (as you do when two giant dogs are fighting) and the following events took place

That day, Aguilar left Dutch with his brother while on an overnight trip to take family to the airport.

"We live in the same house together ... I didn't think an incident like this would happen," explained Aguilar.

His brother's fiance heard their dog fighting with Dutch in the back yard and went outside to break up the fight.

"It wasn't the first time that these two dogs had had a scuffle. So, she was just expecting that she would go out and separate them again," said Duncan.

The woman (whose identity isn't being released due to threats against her) told officials that it took several hits with her hands, as well as with a tiki torch pole, to finally separate the dogs.

Once inside, she says that while attempting to administer aid to Dutch, the dog attacked her.

She sustained a bite wound to her thigh and one to her buttock. While she attempted to free Dutch's mouth from her leg, officials say Dutch bit down harder, severing an artery in the woman's finger and causing a compound fracture.

Officials say her injuries total $24,000.

But Aguilar explained to the court that Dutch only turned on the woman after he was beaten by her. He argues that the woman punched Dutch in the face several times. In addition, the pole used during the incident was bloodied and contained dog hair.

A veterinarian assessment of Dutch after the incident reads:

"Face swollen like he was hit. Extensive ST trauma on left side of face. Swelling extends from nose up to eye and base of ear. Some dried blood noted on dog's fur but no wounds apparent in mouth or on face/body."

"Note - dog was extremely well-mannered and sweet in exam room. He did not require restraint during his exam, even when his abdomen, testicles and swollen face were palpated."

The full story is here:

Petition to save Dutch is here:
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Save Dutch The Service Dog Empty Re: Save Dutch The Service Dog

Post by Eman Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:03 pm

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