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Post by huntsman Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:32 am

I actually enjoyed the match against totte...It was a comfortable win. We played some good football.
Hope that this spell will continue.
Point is we went on playing for a win knowing that a draw wont do much of a help in a cup final.
I was impressed by how Hazard was connecting with Costa / Azpi / Fabre trio. Those short balls that Azpi / Costa / Fabre prepared for Hazard by drawing one defender to their back and passing the ball juuust outside the box for hazard so that he can try and work his way inside the box with his dribbling skills knowing that the defenders are at a disadvantage as they have to 1) wait for him to act for them to react (Think! which is bad. Yes, if you re a defender and you're thinking during an over-run then that's a bad thing). At least there was a plan.

Hazard should be a little more greedy though, and take more chances because greed is good.

Would love to see us use the same template against all other teams to produce wins with style even if that meant that we lose a few matches on the way to congeal this template.  

Next would be to buy Pogba and Varane. Let's do that.
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