Agnelli open to Euro Super League

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Agnelli open to Euro Super League Empty Agnelli open to Euro Super League

Post by DeviAngel Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:37 pm

Juventus' Andrea Agnelli has reflected on the potential Europe’s top clubs have when united, including the financial lure a European Super League has.

The Bianconeri President is in London for the Leaders in Football conference and has reflected on how greater organisation between UEFA’s clubs is the way forward.

“We should have a common strategy, because we are stronger together,” considered Agnelli this week.

“The best example is that of the ECA [European Club Association] - what they have done in five years is extraordinary, they have created a strong understanding and constructive dialogue with UEFA and FIFA.

“Financial Fair Play? I support it because it is the only reasonable measure to prevent clubs spending beyond their means, but it must be effective.

“I want to know first what the penalties are. A fine of €10m would not even be much, and disqualification is not plausible.

“Imagine that UEFA excludes Juventus, Bayern, Real Madrid and Manchester United from its competitions. What would the television companies say?

“A European super league? The problem is that UEFA will automatically reject the American system, but a closed championship between the 20 best teams in Europe would be the best from an economic point of view.”

Agnelli’s mind is also on the domestic game and how Serie A must ‘improve’.

“We must improve the system, because we are still stuck in a land of no-one. We spend much time discussing how to spend the money and not on how Italian football should develop internationally.

“Football is followed by half the country and thus as the ability to act as a guide to Italy’s political situation. To this should be applied a sense of responsibility, perspective and discipline.”

The President admitted an inclination in the future to try and increase revenue that Juve’s current ground generates.

“The Delle Alpi, it could hold 68,000 people, but it was basically a white elephant, a cold and inhospitable place to watch a game with a very low average attendance compared to the capacity.

“The Juventus Stadium has 41,000 seats and is almost always sold out, generating revenue of €40m compared to €13m from the previous ground.

“At Stamford Bridge, they collect €80m to €90m, and this is the target that I have in mind - the economic situation and low prices of our competition, however, does not help matters.”

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Agnelli open to Euro Super League Empty Re: Agnelli open to Euro Super League

Post by Warrior Tue Apr 20, 2021 8:00 pm

What next ?

You guys think he still got credibility as president ? Not sure if important or not, but certainly worth mentioning, he lost his chair at ECA for this project

As foreign fan it might be easier to ask his resignation. From what i understand a majority of the fanbase backs him. For myself it sucks to raise this question, i never wanted to attack the Agnelli family, but now i cannot avoid.

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