Bucchioni: Тhe war started, Jovetic- Fiorentina

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Bucchioni: Тhe war started,  Jovetic- Fiorentina  Empty Bucchioni: Тhe war started, Jovetic- Fiorentina

Post by DeviAngel Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:44 pm

It is now a war of nerves between Fiorentina and Jovetic. And not without casualties, collateral damage. Opens at unexpected scenarios, as regards society purple, with relations between Ramadani (agent Jovetic, Ljajic and Seferovic) and Florence that are totally destroyed. He spoke of all this situiazione which also involves Juventus, the director of the Daily Sport and columnist for Firenzeviola.it Enzo Bucchioni. Which opened to a sale of all clients of Ramadani:

"Nothing will ever be in the relationship between the company and the attorney purple. Hard line dictated immediately by Diego Della Valle in person (Andrea is in South Africa for a tour of work) should lead to the transfer of all the players in the prosecution with Ramadani ie Jovetic (if they arrive thirty million), Ljajic and Seferovic.

" In short, if the first attempt was an agreement, a so-called non-aggression pact, after the release of Jovetic, which is exposed in an unequivocal way, everything seems to be finally jumped. This was repeated the same Bucchioni, who comments: "The commitment was to seek a solution in line with the promise made ​​to Jovetic (you do go away), but also with the commitment made ​​by Ramadani and the player (the price was set at thirty million with a lot of private writing). Solution is not simple because Juventus has not yet made ​​formal offers, because the player cost much money around and there are none. It takes patience, the market must get to the heart but instead of waiting for the evolution of any negotiations, Jovetic wanted to force the hand (evidently in agreement with the prosecutor) greeting Florence and promising himself to Juventus. Indeed looked forward to a discount on the tag. "So goodbye to each agreement, each co- , then with more players on the market: the Montenegrin (for which, however, necessary to have 30 million, Ljajic and Seferovic, because if a marriage ends, it is useless protrarlo further.

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