Bucchioni: "Juve between Jovetic and Muriel, Ibra wants to return to Italy: Raiola thinks the Bianconeri"

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Bucchioni: "Juve between Jovetic and Muriel, Ibra wants to return to Italy: Raiola thinks the Bianconeri" Empty Bucchioni: "Juve between Jovetic and Muriel, Ibra wants to return to Italy: Raiola thinks the Bianconeri"

Post by DeviAngel Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:04 pm

The Director of QS (Daily Sport), Enzo Bucchioni, spoke about the market Juventus in his column this week to Tuttomercatoweb.com. Here are his words:

A super Juventus has passed to the great complex of top player. As it turned out, the attackers were also in the house (Matri above) and perhaps enough to make them play and give them confidence. At the end of 18 bits and trying not to have taken even in a race, perhaps it is better to plan the future with greater calm.

The first fixed points are Llorente arrive on a free transfer and almost Vidal to Bayern for twenty million (Pogba will take its place, if you wish, Asamoah can play in the middle).

However, we still attack the area in which Juventus have decided to invest almost all the resources of the next market.
It will certainly be sold Quagliarella, Anelka is passing, Bendtner will, Iaquinta is in liquidation, but also one of Matri Giovinco will leave the Lady. Much will depend on the season finale and objectives incoming Marotta able to hit. Nowadays the top of the list of starters is that Giovinco has disappointed and never entered into the hearts of fans. We will see.

That said, the Count drew a sketch of the players he wants. At the top of his list is always Jovetic chased by more than a year, the second Muriel recently entered the list with arrogance. The idea is to bring home both of them, one with a direct investment, the other with the treasure put together thanks to the supplies.

Jovetic is the ideal player to make up the tandem of attackers furniture and technicians who really like to Conte. The bottom line is Vucinic, Giovinco has never looked at the pair Jovetic-Vucinic, Montenegro sweet on paper could do great things. Jovetic but it costs a lot. La Fiorentina evaluates € 40 million, the figure offered last year by Manchester City and rejected by Andrea Della Valle.
This summer, however, with this figure Jovetic leave Florence.

Who is willing to spend so much? Juve and this is not the problem. On the scale could end counterparts techniques, but the deal certainly will if Agnelli decide to deal directly with the Valley without intermediaries and without unpleasant pressure on prosecutors players. The contract expires in 2016 Jovetic, Fiorentina have the opportunity to raise its voice. Much will also depend on the performance of the attacker Montenegro that until now has scored 9 goals, but is going through a difficult time. Should unlock, around there are other talents like his and talent you pay for.

Muriel easier to bring in Turin, there is already a handshake and an agreement in principle. There are good relations between Udinese and Juventus, there are installments to be paid for Asamoah and Isla disappointing. So with twenty million euro can be posted. Muriel is a physical center forward, powerful, but also fast, very fast ball and chain. Many remember the Ronaldo Inter. In the mechanisms of Conte is another striker perfect.

There is also a great idea back in the air, a cloud high above the heads of all. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not having fun in the French league too flat, unexciting for him used to the large audience and constant adrenaline. I want to change the air and has repeatedly said his manager Mino Raiola. England is a feasible idea, but Raiola has in mind to propose to recover the great former Juve. It's cheap, the PSG will not do much to hold, reducing the salary Ibra could also be a good deal. It takes time and patience, let's see where this will lead track, but in the meantime let us follow.

It is shaking the market very well-coaches. Moratti is restless, he realized that Stramaccioni put a bet on the bench is not completely won. The Roman boy is this, does not seem to have great room for improvement and charisma important. We will play a lot of his future in Derby on February 24, Moratti wants to evaluate the management of the game of the year, but in the meantime keep relationships with dense Simeon and Mazzarri. More difficult to convince Bielsa two years later.

Berlusconi also meditates, confirmations and denials. If Allegri understands or does not understand we'll know in June. Donadoni was alerted, but the president Rossoneri have questions about communication and the low media profile of the former great. He wants a more charismatic coach Van Basten is an idea, bet Van Bommel has suggested Raiola: coach was already in the field. Inzaghi is not ready yet, but Allegri still keeps open the road Rome. It does well.

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Bucchioni: "Juve between Jovetic and Muriel, Ibra wants to return to Italy: Raiola thinks the Bianconeri" Empty Re: Bucchioni: "Juve between Jovetic and Muriel, Ibra wants to return to Italy: Raiola thinks the Bianconeri"

Post by Juventude Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:20 pm

I'm always pro-Jovetic over just about anyone. I think we need versatile strikers at Juve, not necessarily set positions like a SS or CF. I used to advocate for Juve signing a typical SS or CF, but Conte's tactics require his strikers to play a lot of different roles. I love watching Jovetic play everywhere on the pitch for Fiorentina. With his work rate and skills, he would be great under Conte.
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