Napoli , Amauri can be Vice-Cavani !

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Napoli , Amauri can be Vice-Cavani ! Empty Napoli , Amauri can be Vice-Cavani !

Post by anouarjuve Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:46 am

Napoli , Amauri can be Vice-Cavani ! 1319098781a09d2d96c3bbb9ec6bdd01be923fe12c1302255013

Begins to worry about in Naples abstinence from Edinson Cavani's goal, scored only against AC Milan, Manchester City and Villarreal in ten appearances. In January, the Naples could look for a new deputy for the Uruguayan striker, and the second I read this could be Amauri (31), leaving Juventus. According to the newspaper, the italobrasiliano Mazzarri is an old ball and would go to the post of Pandev, not a first tip, and Lucarelli.
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