Next Unknown Young Talent?

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Next Unknown Young Talent? Empty Next Unknown Young Talent?

Post by Raptorgunner Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:19 pm

Arsene Wenger has an eye for talent. He brings in players that he knows already fit the Arsenal system.

He also brings in players who are full of potential that he can mold towards the next stage in their career.

If Arsene can manage to bring in a cheap, young player who could be a key for Arsenal for years to come, then he should make the move.

A signing who can take on a future starring role will not only help Gunners fans forget about losing Samir Nasri, but it will also allow give them someone with a real commitment to the team. Players are loyal to the managers and teams that create their careers.

An unknown young talent may not be the Gunners' No. 1 choice, but then, again can fans really believe that Arsene Wenger is going to entirely change his policies when it comes to the transfer market? He will probably do an overhaul of the team and bring in five or more players.

However, they will not come at astronomically high prices.

By the way I hope Wenger signs Hulk, It will be a good move for Hulk to take his game to next level.
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