criteria of choosing the best players of Your lifetime

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criteria of choosing the best players of Your lifetime Empty criteria of choosing the best players of Your lifetime

Post by miracleman Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:28 am


I have a question.
In what age You think, we can tell, that we regulary watch football and we can judge a players based on own opinions ?

I was born in 1981 and the first tournament I watched was euro 88. but from 88 - 94 period I don't watched many games, mainly wc 90 and some european cup games.

It's hard to say, which players I can include to the best players in my lifetime.
Can I include for example, V.Basten, Gullit, Matthaeus, Baggio or Romario ?
I remember them but I didn't watch their prime regulary. For example I watch Baggio regulary, when he was in Inter/Milan/Brescia.
And should I include Maradona, who was almost finished after 1991 ?

So my question is, since what age You start watch football regulary ( be able to judge players based on own opinion ) and how to compare players who You remembered from several matches with players witch You follow by all their career, from beginning to the end ?
Is it possible to judge players when you are 10-12 years old ?

If I include players from 88 - 94 my top 20 are Maradona V.Basten, Rijjkard, Gullit, Baresi, Baggio, Romario, Stoitchkov, Matthaeus, Maldini, Bergkamp, Zidane, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Figo, Buffon, Ronaldinho, Henry, C.Ronaldo, Messi but first 9 names I didn't watch regulary and the last 11 I saw/see from almost their beginning ( except Maldini maybe )
I want to make my lifetime best footballers list but I don't know which criteria take ?
I can't decide if I should include every players which I saw ( players which I saw only as a kid - shortly, don't rememebr their prime )
or only players which I saw longer, especially their prime....


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