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Rugby League World Cup Thread Empty Rugby League World Cup Thread

Post by fatman123 Sat Oct 12, 2013 6:42 am

Australia is the clear favourite but NZ have got a great squad, especialy with SBW making himself avaialble and with most of the Burgess family England are going to have a strong forward pack.

Surprisingly Italy have a really strong squad with a few former Kangaroos, plenty of expereinced NRL players and up and comming back rower Aidan Guerra who ended the season with two tries in a semi final win and a try in the grand final victory over Manly

The Island nations also have a few NRL players among their ranks and some also have former Kangroos available too, im not too sure what Ireland anf France bring forward although im sure the Catalan Dragons club will offer France a few good players. And of course its very nice for the USA to rock up too

Not sure if anyone else on the forum will be following this but all the Aussies certinaly should, this is the only sport left we can beat England at, especialy with another Ashes series comming up theres not much else to look forward to
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