Official: Oscar Garcia Renews his contract :)

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Official: Oscar Garcia Renews his contract :) Empty Official: Oscar Garcia Renews his contract :)

Post by Khaled Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:19 pm

Official: Former (1992-99) Barcelona player Oscar Garcia (38) renews his contract as Barcelona Juvenil A coach until 2013!

Oscar has won a Treble from his first year as a coach for Barca U-19 Very Happy
Reminds me of Guardiola's Achievments Smile


The following Interview was "1 day" before renewing his contract!

Óscar García: “I want to make history at Barça”

Óscar García, currently in charge of the FC Barcelona Juvenil A team, has just finished his first year at the club as a coach after having been a player for the club for 14 years. His debut on the benches of the Barcelona Juvenil A side, similar to what happened to Pep Guardiola in his first year in charge of the first team, couldn’t have been better: he managed to win it all.

The coach’s Juvenil A squad were this season crowned as champion of the ‘triplete’ for only the second time in the club’s history. Despite this achievement, García doesn’t know if he’ll continue next year at the club. Logically he will. The club wants to renew him and he has no intention of leaving. FC Barcelona wants to directly start the talks for renewal, only two days after a memorable year.

* Here is an interview published today by Catalan sports daily Sport:

`Did you imagine anything like this?

I couldn’t imagine, neither what we’ve achieved, nor anything similar to what we’ve achieved; and with such competitive football as well.

`What was the most difficult thing?

The beginning. We wanted to include a few concepts so that we could start forming well [as a team] and be competitive. When this was implemented the great results started coming.

`What concepts?

We have to prepare well for every competition, so that we are ahead of those we face. In each level of the youth football teams you have to add new styles and concepts [to fit the league conditions] and in the Juvenil teams you have to add the concept of competitiveness.

`And that is because the next step is the Segunda División?

Yes, it is the most decisive step. They have to be prepared physically, technically, tactically and psychologically. They have to dominate these four aspects.

`Did you teach them other stuff, like the ‘contragolpe’ that we saw in the final of the Copa del Rey?

It is very important that they don’t depend solely on what the coach tells them. This is one of the most important things so that they’ll be viewed as a good team.

`Did you spend many hours finding new solutions?

I love it, I love to study how to make the opponent suffer, how to make use of the qualities of my players. I have a passion for it. And when you see the results you’ll have the proof and the reasoning…

`Such as placing Rafa Alcantara as a false number nine? [Note: One of the main changes Oscar made to the team, which gave great results, making Rafa one of the team's top scorers.]

It went well for him because he has liberty and is close to the area, he can make the enemy suffer.

`Is his character different from Thiago’s?

I didn’t know Thiago at Rafa’s age.

`Does Rafa have more humility?

Regarding his [humility], I don’t complain about any player: Gómez, Rafa, Espinosa, Deulofeu… and all the others who were promoted to Barça B. Those who played the most were Rafa and Gómez, they demonstrated when their level went down that they really wanted to play. This is an example for their teammates.

`And the best thing about Deulofeu is his mental progression?

Yes, but not only about him. Gerard is a player with a great future. And he has to know how to carry that, and if well carried, he can become a player who is very, very important in Spanish football.

`Has there ever been such capacity for disequilibrium in the Juvenil teams before [Deulofeu]?

No, in this category no. None is like him. No other player has his one-on-one ability, and his speed to do it. But he has to work on other stuff and make them better. If he does that, he’ll be very important.

`Do you feel respected by the players?

Being an ex-player helped me a lot. Then, during the year, it feels better and you win day by day.

`Would you like to make a career in the club?

Yes, I’d like to. Being in Barça signifies being in the club of my whole life, I’m been of Barça since I was little, I have spent all of my life defending these colors. And continuing this way would be very good from the professional point of view as much as my personal point of view.

Thank you, Óscar García, for giving the Juvenil A one of their best years ever and guiding the progress of some of the most talented players to ever be in Barça!

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