Carlos Tevez and why we should sign him

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Carlos Tevez and why we should sign him Empty Carlos Tevez and why we should sign him

Post by LWL91 Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:55 pm

People argued we should never sign Cassano for free when we had the chance because we were building a team of good spirit. A team that is united in many ways. Marotta is trying to do so i must admit. It pleases me just as much as i presume it pleases you to see our players hanging out playing table tennis or whatever but the truth is that this is not how modern football is! Chemistry is important but sometimes you must make sacrifices in order to build a stronger team ON the field. Everyone's interesting in winning and once Tevez scores his hattrick against Inter he is just as popular as Pepe...

"Cassano is a player who I wanted to sign for Juventus in 2006 because I like people who have something extra, even though they are hard to control," - Luciano Moggi

Tevez will not turn into another Amauri. Tevez is such a class player I don't understand how we can argue about his qualities.. All this is about is actually just wether or not you guys are ready to add a world class player to the squad, coz this is what i'm arguing we should..

I know we sit quite comfortable on the seria a table but we must act now that the chance is here. There are not many players out the with equal qualities to Carlos Tevez and he is only available now because of special circumstances! A player of Tevez' calibre will not be available in June 2012!!!!
We need this kind of player for the Champions League coz Vucinic just won't win us the big games :coffee:

Carlos Tevez and why we should sign him Skarmb12

(this was posted in another Tevez-thread but i doubt people read it so i figured i would post it again to get some feedback....)

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