MAROTTA A SKY - "We want a defender and a left outer. Good work by Conte, one can see already the results"

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MAROTTA A SKY - "We want a defender and a left outer. Good work by Conte, one can see already the results"  Empty MAROTTA A SKY - "We want a defender and a left outer. Good work by Conte, one can see already the results"

Post by DeviAngel Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:40 pm

Stopped at the exit of the headquarters of the League, Juventus sporting director Giuseppe Marotta has issued some statements to Sky Sports. Here is the complete interview, transcribed by

As we arrived at this decision not to speak today of the collective agreement?

"It has come to a definition of common sense on the part of the assembly, in the sense that clearly the theme of the collective agreement is an issue that we face for quite some time and from this point of view there is great availability, but in the meantime very firmly to define what are the rights of clubs. It was decided to put this issue to reinforce a concept that also seems to me common sense here, because the solidarity contribution is an extraordinary fact, comparable to one-off, then it is evident that has nothing to do with the talk of personal income tax rate, and therefore I think it is the prerogative of the players. But this seems to me that even the same category it has recently been highlighted. It would be quite anachronistic to see an employer that pay what they should be responsible to the employee and the employee then requests the deduction. This seems to me rather strange. "

Then as to the possible strike on Article 7 and plays a lot of out of the pink. There seems to be more distant positions of the League and the dell'Assocalciatori. No one wants to change his mind. How to get a solution?

"It also comes with common sense here, because football clubs definitely do not want to set up a bullying relationship with their players, they are - I stress - a heritage of individual companies and therefore should be protected as such. What to put in different conditions their coaches to do their job in a ground game that can not possibly be occupied by 40-50 professionals, because next to the group of 30 players there are also professionals who are licensed by the company and maybe always play their activities in the spring, but they are professionals who have the same rights. So it comes to using common sense to understand that the company wants to respect the professionalism of the players and still want to work with peace of mind. "

The companies are ready to absorb another possible strike?

"It would be a big defeat for all, beyond the winners and losers. It would be a defeat for Italy football system, for our nation. I hope that this is not a point of arrival".

If you play you will play in Udine the first league game with two or three new players, said this morning ...

"I probably said that to complete the pink players could arrive 2:00 to 3:00. This is a normal fact of life. It also depends on what are the chances that this market can offer in the remaining 10 days. Sure enough, the work Conte is a very good job, the beginning of the season today. Already one can see the results. We are very happy company. We are also pleased that the players have shown the application in this timeframe and therefore we are optimistic and confident about the future. "

What is the primary role in which you seek? Perotti is the first name on the list of these players 2:00 to 3:00 that would get?

"But I do not do names because it would be simplistic and not fair to those directly concerned. Clearly, however, seek an outside counsel, and to strengthen the defense system."

It tells us how his work is going to reduce the rose? Why it is hard to find buyers for the players?

"In fact, because the system is very tight football Italy than in the recent past from the point of view. There are many difficulties, there is little money circulating, poor handling of athletes. And then, above all, unfortunately, what is the ' aspect of the cost of labor affects the negotiations and often so even if the other side there is the will from registering this or that player then the impasse is precisely what is the salary that these players bring with them in some circumstances and prevent the establishment of relations. "

Topping the list of starters is Amauri. What is the situation ...

"Amauri is a strategic issue for players among those defined transferable. Certainly does not affect its professionalism and its value, but they are choices that we did. I must say that we have discussed the topic with Parma and here too the great difficulties are all related to the aspect of defining the relationships between society, the introduction of a contract between any license-holder to the company. It 'is legitimate and respectful, then the parties have their own interests, so in this case will Amauri his choices, and it is clear that I am not into the merits because it would be incorrect. But the difficulties are many, so I think it also appropriate in some circumstances to take into account what are the opportunities of the moment ".

Moratti answered the question Calciopoli Valley ...

"My comment is simple. Juventus have taken all possible steps to protect their rights. Agnelli recently the president has even called a press conference, he explained what are their positions, he explained what are the strategies that Juventus want to take and so I think that Juventus is implementing at this time for any attempt to legitimize what in fact he was unjustly taken away. So do not add anything else because I'd be here to repeat all that the President Agnelli said. "

When you see with Inter officials, like yesterday, you ignore it?

"But the beauty of football is just that, a sport must also join, is a time of celebration. Yesterday was a day of celebration in front of 45 000 spectators who actually took part as the protagonists of the evening, beyond the colors that could be typhoid. Then the players were really examples of honesty and loyalty and have little to do with legal matters. Being in legal conflict does not mean then go to physical conflict, means to respect, gain respect, to bring out those who are their concepts of respect, which then also means respecting their fans, those who have faith in their colors. So what is the intent Juventus wants to do through a legal process in the hands of lawyers, professionals, to shareholders of great will and great desire of its president Andrea Agnelli ".

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