Thoughts on next year’s midfield

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Thoughts on next year’s midfield Empty Thoughts on next year’s midfield

Post by futbol_bill Sun May 07, 2023 3:10 pm

We seem to be headed towards an over crowded midfield for next year.

Supposedly Bellingham is all but done in signing!

And earlier reports were that both Modric and Kroos would be renewed for another year.

Valverde was outstanding in first part of year and has been starter in majority of games.

Camavinga has come into his own and club is planning to lock him into long term deal. He also has shown he like Valverde can play another position when needed, although it has to be stated he wants to play in MF.

Tchouameni has had issues in his first year, but reportedly Carlo has been speaking with him to lift his confidence saying we have faith in you and how difficult it is for players, especially young ones to make the adjustment in one year. We have seen occasional glimpses of his talent esp. in WC.

Ceballos has had a good year (for him) and he appears happy that club counts on him. Reports are he has earned a renewal offer.

Plus there have been a few other midfielders rumoured to be on clubs radar!

I suspect there is nothing to the rumours and possibly the Bellingham deal will change plans for Kroos or Modric.

So it seems very possible there will be overloading of midfield with seven players and at least 6 of them expect to be starters!

What are your thoughts as to what will happen (not what you desire, but rather what do you think club will do)?
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