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FIFA new rules. For loans Empty FIFA new rules. For loans

Post by futbol_bill Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:55 pm

When I first heard this I thought it might have a detrimental effect on Real Madrid. But as I now understand it, I think not. Anyone have a better read on this?

Still a little confusing, but as best I can see a club can have a maximum of 3 players 22 or over out on loan, beginning in 2 years. Similarly, a club can have maximum of 3 players, 22 or over on loan on squad.

It looks like it doesn’t effect youth loans, which is good news. I believe this is meant to stop the James, Coutinho or numerous Milan and Inter loan deals. Sounds like if a player isn’t good enough for team by 22, then it is best he is sold. Makes sense, I think, and makes clubs with bad signings pay a price! Again sounds good.
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