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Christian Eriksen to Inter - Page 2 Empty Re: Christian Eriksen to Inter

Post by S Wed Jan 29, 2020 2:59 pm

Too much cringe

Reminded me of Yanited welcoming Alexis with a similar sort of video presentation.

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Christian Eriksen to Inter - Page 2 Empty Re: Christian Eriksen to Inter

Post by Robespierre Wed Jan 29, 2020 3:10 pm

S wrote:
Robespierre wrote:
The Demon of Carthage wrote:

I don't think Marotta should get any credit for this. Literally there was nobody interested beside Inter in him. Marotta may be a great bargain hunter, but in this particular deal, nobody was competing with him for the Dane's signature. Hard to lose a race when you're the only one in it.

As for Eriksen, I really wanted Madrid to sign him last summer, but Zidane didn't want him, and so far, his decision is paying off because the midfield he's created is doing well and winning games for him.

I wish him all the best at Inter. Personally, I wouldn't pass up the chance of adding a player of Eriksen's caliber to my roster for just 20m, but that's just me.

PSG also was on him , but he didn't like to join Ligue One ...
Well therorically Eriksen could wait for June and he'd have had the whole Europe to sign him as free agent
Marotta's ability was to work with agent, convince him to join Serie A / Inter project
honestly I didn't think to see him at his peak in Serie A
Generally if people would have said me two years ago about Cristiano Ronaldo and Eriksen to join in Serie ... A I would not have believe about it tbh.
two different situations surely  , but honestly it's my thought. Probably it's understimation that even Serie A fans have about their "product."
Serie A is not in their golden period , ok , but it will be always considered if there are  some good conditions ( historic club, salary , and it's amazing to live in Milano if you're a rich man Laughing I've always thought  Inter and Milan can count on this positive factor too... )

The new tax laws has also helped top teams in Italy offer competitive wages on par with Spain and England. I can see a lot more top foreign players make the switch in the coming years.

All the recent aquisitions such as Ronaldo, De Ligt, Ramsey, Lukaku, Godin, Eriksen etc are on all lucrative salaries which their respective teams would have found it difficult to afford in previous years.

Can't wait for PogBACK 2020

That's damn right , I had forgotten this.

Of course I am not going to specify it is because of that Decreto Crescita made by so-called ' Yellow-green government ' because well.. I've opposed   that government .. :coffee:
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