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Update to Profanity Filter Empty Update to Profanity Filter

Post by McLewis Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:49 pm

Hey Everyone,

So after discussion with my esteemed colleagues on the Admin Staff here at Goal Legacy, we have decided to loosen the profanity filter for the community and allow use of the f-bomb (not the derogatory one towards gays).

Profanity is part of everyday conversation, for better or for worse. We initially put these filters in place at a time when we had much younger posters here and we wanted to shield them from that type of vulgarity. That's our responsibility as not just Admins, but as adults. However, as our community has become more tight-knit (and older), it makes sense to update our profanity filters accordingly. We're all adults here and we're all old enough to hold ourselves accountable for what we say here.

I want to be 100% clear on what this means. This is just a loosening of the filter, not an elimination of it. There are still be several phrases and words that we have decided will remain filtered. There are worse things out there than just f--bomb.

As always, let's keep discussions and debates spirited, but civil at all times.

Warmest Fucking Regards,

The Admin Staff.


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