What happened to the Netherlands NT?

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What happened to the Netherlands NT? Empty What happened to the Netherlands NT?

Post by Blue Barrett Wed 4 Jul 2018 - 9:38

I know it's pretty early to point out a decline but I felt like Van Gaal really worked a lot of magic on their 2014 squad. It was their weakest squad in years imo. I have no idea how he took them to 3rd.

At the moment though, it seems like they have no future stars lined up for future tournaments. What's the problem? Did their grassroots development suffer from changes that turned out to be negative? I can't even point to one legit Dutch star atm. And don't mention old man Robben here. Only notable player they have atm is Van Dijk.

How do you go from world cup finalist (to 3rd) to not making the world cup and not even looking like making the next one at all? Any Ajax or Eredevisie fans care to point something out?

Not sure if this is the right section for this. Feel free to move the thread if it isn't.
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