"You are failures": traffic policemans denounce Allegri

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"You are failures": traffic policemans denounce Allegri Empty "You are failures": traffic policemans denounce Allegri

Post by abajo June 7th 2017, 22:20

Bad adventure for Massimiliano Allegri, reported by La Stampa. The Tuscan technician was stopped by the traffic policemans in the center of Turin because, while driving, he was talking to the phone.

Then the situation started to degenerate: the Juventus manager started arguing with the policemens, apostrophing them for a couple of times with the word "You are failures". The traffic policemans have made an immediate report, sent to the prosecutor's office to see if there are any extents of offense of outrage to an official public.

None of the agents involved wanted to release official statements. But according to their reconstruction, Allegri would not have the driving licence and the dispute would begin with the agents' request to show the documents.

translated from: sportal(dot)it(slash)calcio(slash)siete-dei-falliti-i-vigili-denunciano-max-allegri.html


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