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The Three Lions - Page 42 Empty Re: The Three Lions

Post by Superstone Mariomintsch Mon Jul 12, 2021 5:25 pm

The Franchise wrote:
rincon wrote:
The Franchise wrote:As for the game.

England obviously had that super fast start and goal. But looking at it critically, I dont think Italy started bad at all either, in fact the goal aside I felt Italy were fine and were doing what they wanted and actually settled better. They were reaching the England third easily and already started to find passing patterns.

England were doing well still, Kane started quite sharply to his credit and I thought both wingbacks were doing well. Plus Sterling was causing havoc, him and Mount were playing in Jorginho's zone and with Veratti/Barella tied up with Rice/Phillips and the fullbacks tied up by the Tripps and Shaw, Sterling was finding time to turn and run. Or Sterling could start wide with Emerson marking him, but then run inside and drag him to create space which Trips found if Insigne was slow to defend.

But about 25 minutes in, it really turned and was very one sided and Italy adapted. Chiesa and Insigne defended earlier on the wingbacks and got in position early, thus allowing the Italy fullbacks to help more and defend more collectively. Also Cheillini was aggressive enough to step out and take Sterling down if needed.

England already got into the mode you see from teams when there is 20 minutes on the clock. No ball pressure, sitting off and deep and only looking to counter attack of a mistake.

England I notice are too man orientated. Veratti was dropping into the leftback zone and Emerson was acting basically as a winger. But as England were so man focused, Henderson followed Veratti all the way out, and Saka was dropping with Emerson, so it seemed as if Saka was an extra rightback and Henderson a right sided midfielder. But Henderson cannot actually do anything to Veratti and is reluctant to follow to the extreme left so he found time on the ball over and over again.

Goal was coming, even if from a set peice, Italy were pushing for it strongly.

Extra time was a dud really. Italy subs had no impact, Berardi especially was quite and they missed Insigne and then Chiesa. While England, simply didnt give enough time for the likes of Grealish, Sancho or Rash to do anything and Saka who did come in early enough, was as I said, occupied defensively by Emerson and often too far away to actually impact the game.

Penalties, its a lottery and Italy have the better goalie (despite Pickford doing great in the pens) while Mancini had good takers while England f'ed around with teenage children and subs who had no time to warm into the game.

The first thing was crucial indeed, Verratti dropped way back and controlled the game from there. It made marking Jorginho a bit pointless since Verratti was back there too waiting to distribute the ball if Jorginho was under pressure. Verratti himself I think was out best player of the night after Bonucci (excluding the penalties).

On the second thing, Berardi was very impactful. After taking out Immobile we gained more control with 3 trequartisti. But more impactful than him was Cristante. He won more duels (and aerial duels) and gave the team more energy. He is by far out best player in winning headers and it wasn't a coincidence that he won the header for the goal. Berardi and Cristante coming on were a lot of the reason why the 2nd half was so dominant.

Then the team shape started to fall apart with Chiesa going off, the Insigne, then Verratti, at that point all the usual control was lost.

TBH I should have been more specific. I meant offensive, attacking impact. Cristante did a very good job.

Berardi was a good sub tactically, because it brought Chiesa inside while still maintaining width on the right. Something I think Italy lacked before these changes, as Chiesa was coming inside regardless and Di Lorenzo having a different role to Emerson wasnt going to advance without the ball on the right and therefore leaving Italy playing more on one side, which defensively is the stronger one for England. Brining Berardi on adressed this imbalance, but what I should have been more specific on is Berardi's performance with the ball. It is true, Italy gradually lost control with the subs of Chiesa and Verrati, but Berardi for me had a very quite game considering the time he had out there.

So yeah, tactically, good choices but individual offensive impact wasnt there and without Chiesa, Insigne and Barella (who wasnt good, but obviously usually is) out and the forwards featuring Bernedesci, Berardi and Belloti posed far less an individual threat.

I agreed with both of you. I think though it was Chiesa's absence which mainly lead to the lost of control. He was simply very threatening in this game. With Chiesa still wreaking havoc, Berardi could've impacted the game better in the extra time. Having Bernardeschi replacing Chiesa was a huge drop in quality. He took his penalty calmly and well though, props to him.

And yeah, Southgate putting too much trust to the main 14 players and was very hesitant in making subs are not good for the team, especially for Rashford & Sancho who came very late. He's always making the Rice-Henderson and Mount-Grealish subs, and changing Trippier and Saka depending on the shape he wanted to deploy. However, he's just very reluctant to change the other players when the situation hasn't been completely under control like vs Ukraine. Yeah Kane & Sterling was the main goal threat so far and Kane is a great penalty taker, however it's better if he replaced Sterling with Rashford much earlier. For all his deficiencies, Rashford can actually be clutch as shown in the Champions League games.

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The Three Lions - Page 42 Empty Re: The Three Lions

Post by Jay29 Mon Jul 12, 2021 5:59 pm

Reflecting on the tournament, the 1st half vs Czech Republic was the best we looked with the ball. That 4231 with Saka, Grealish and Sterling as the 3 was fluid and helped our ball progression a lot.

4231 seems to fit our squad well. The options in attacking midfield and on the flanks are exciting. Grealish, Saka, Sterling, Sancho, Foden and Mount, with Maddison and Smith Rowe in reserve, would be a dream for any manager. You can do so much with these players. Throw in a great bunch of full backs too - Walker, Alexander-Arnold, James, Trippier, Shaw, Chillwell - and there's no reason we can't be a good attacking team.

It's the two CM positions where we're lacking a bit. The depth here isn't as good and I can't think of anyone who could emerhe in tine for Qatar. Maybe Winks will find form again but that's about it.

Southgate will 100% be in charge, so I can only hope he puts together a more ambitious game plan.

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The Three Lions - Page 42 Empty Re: The Three Lions

Post by The Franchise Mon Jul 12, 2021 6:17 pm

For me,I think Bellingham and Phillips have to be the 2.

Rice actually had a good final, it was the 1st game I actually liked how he played. Phillips to me has been terrific, he does everything I would want from that position. Bellingham has got a high ceiling and think the position should be his moving forward.

I also think for me, the Mount love fest is just too much. I understand he is the most balanced offensive midfielder, he is the only who is most complete in terms of offensive impact and defensive responsibility. But he isnt the player Grealish is, too many minutes pass by and he doesnt worry you.

I think Southgate will reflect on this and say he liked 90% of what they did. I dont know if thats right or wrong but I think that will be his thoughts.

I expect the same for the World cup, alot of adjustments depending on the opposition.

Certain teams they play back 5, certain teams back 4.

Kane, Sterling, Stones, Walker, Maguire and Mount to me seem absolutely nailed on for their spots in 11 regardless of system. Not that I agree with it, but that seems pretty set.
The Franchise
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The Three Lions - Page 42 Empty Re: The Three Lions

Post by BarrileteCosmico Tue Jul 13, 2021 1:01 am

Great to see Kane take such a decisive stance

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The Three Lions - Page 42 Empty Re: The Three Lions

Post by Lord Awesome Tue Jul 13, 2021 7:14 am

Had to come from the face of the team too. Would look bad if this was all met with passive silence.
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The Three Lions - Page 42 Empty Re: The Three Lions

Post by Nishankly Fri Sep 03, 2021 6:37 am

Hungary at it again, I mean seriously you can play in anywhere in South Asia, Middle east etc and the knee won't be booed nor will you get racist chants. Eastern Europe needs to be kicked out of the EU and embargoed so that they realize that their old empires are dead and the reality of their teeny tiny population is of irrelevance in the real world.
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The Three Lions - Page 42 Empty Re: The Three Lions

Post by Found Fri Sep 03, 2021 8:40 am

Nah this BLM stuff is an IQ test and if you’re on your knees you failed it.

10 people from the UAE shit talk Saka on Instagram and folks feel like the EDL and the BNP are banging down their door at 3AM. Need to grow up ....

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The Three Lions - Page 42 Empty Re: The Three Lions

Post by Myesyats Fri Nov 11, 2022 12:00 am

Maguire over Tomori is great banter. But Tammy missed out because he lost his form Laughing
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The Three Lions - Page 42 Empty Re: The Three Lions

Post by neuro11 Fri Nov 11, 2022 11:52 pm

Maguire will give top teams hope vs them in the knockout stage. otherwise, the lions look quite strong.

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The Three Lions - Page 42 Empty Re: The Three Lions

Post by Sponsored content

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