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Post by rincon Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:09 pm

His character even seems kinda similar to Filch.

Just watched Hardhome. Finally an awesome episode all around, everything was great. God damn the walkers are badass. The shot of them on their horses atop the mountain looking at the battle was epic. Same for when Darth Maul raised the dead. Sucks that they lost all that dragonglass.

I really thought Jon was gonna die, I got spoiled online before I starter the show that Jon would die or get wrecked somehow and come back somehow. I figure it would be then but he beasted against the Walker.

It makes all that noise with Sansa and Bolton seem so meaningless. Their are worried about who controls what shitty castle while close to them world war Z is happening.

Sansa has gone from being a meaningless character to being a meaningless character to staying a meaningless character. Don't know why we see so much of her. Bran, Jon and Arya are out there being awesome and proper heir's to Ned. Even Rickon looks like he has potential, he didn't really ever complain and faced that trek like a man. Sansa meanwhile chose to be scrub and went to Bolton's willingly  Laughing and she trusts Littlefinger after he tells her that 1) He used her to kill the king 2) That he is unpredictable and no one knows his agenda 3) Creeped on her at the vale 4) Killed her aunt and his wife 5)That he literally wants EVERYTHING. I mean...

Tyrion finally brought the Daenerys arc back to life. I just don't know one thing, why did Jorah go to Valyria? they all knew about the stone men, why sail through it?

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Catching up on Game of Thrones - Page 2 Empty Re: Catching up on Game of Thrones

Post by El Gunner Fri Jun 03, 2016 7:26 pm

Try your best to stay away from spoilers online.

Youtube (videos, video titles and comments) and reddit especially.

You can't really do too much about your twitter, facebook feeds, but yea.
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