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Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea Empty Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea

Post by Shed Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:41 pm

Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea 8OCGgCK

Chelsea will face off against London rivals Arsenal in
the 2015 Community Shield on Sunday, August 2nd

Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea Chelsea-vs-arsenal

The opener of the 2015 English football season will pit Premier League champions Chelsea against London neighbours, FA Cup winners Arsenal. At stake, the first piece of silverware of the season, but also, perhaps unsurprisingly, a fair bit more....

Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea SJkJd0j

Indeed, with the history between not only both of these sides, but also their managers, it's hardly a surprise that, as with just about all of the clashes between the pair of late, a significant apportionment of the coverage in the lead-up to tomorrow's affair has been dedicated to José Mourinho and Arsene Wenger's rancorous history with each other. And, with the latter having in the sides' clash at Stamford Bridge early last season failed to control the sort of inferiority complex, insecurity, and anger one must inevitably accrue after trying 13 times, and failing 13 times, to attain even a singular victory over the manager of one of your most proximate and bitter rivals, and having as a result physically accosted him, and with the pair also trading barbs over the last week or so, it has been hardly a shock that the two have been splashed across the headlines...

In his characteristically sardonic, implicitly baiting manner, Mourinho made reference to the fact that even his supposed inferiors have managed to pull off unexpected wins against him a time or two here and there over the years, and implies that Wenger ought to be asking himself questions as to why he hasn't yet, in over a dozen times of trying, been able to accomplish the same:

“I think I lost twice against Tony Pulis. I lost against Crystal Palace and against West Brom. One game each.”

“I think I would ask myself why. I would to try to answer but not because of a mental block but because I would want to try to find solutions to help my team to do it.”

Wenger, in his also-characteristic passive-aggressive manner, opined on the matter of the pair's past by quipping simply:

“I will leave you and your love story with him to continue without interference.”

Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea VGdxxVC
Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea Yu8YDjP

On top of it, in light of the finish to last year's Premier League campaign, with Arsenal gradually, though ultimately availlessly, gaining ground on Chelsea as the season progressed towards the finish line, and having strengthened their squad even more this summer—not least with the addition of Chelsea legend Petr Cech—whilst their rivals in Blue have effectively stagnated, many believe this season may be the one the Gunners will at last be legitimately capable of having themselves smack in the thick of the title hunt, where Chelsea are all but guaranteed to be as well. Given this, many are viewing Sunday's affair as something of a litmus test of Arsenal's ability, both on the pitch and in their heads, to overcome both short term and long, a rival they have for well over a decade now been decidedly and helplessly second-best to.

Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea 810025_303990

Nevertheless, tomorrow's game is, in the end, just a friendly - and one occurring just weeks after both sides have started their preparations for the coming campaign, and consequently anyone who will take too much away from the outcome of it, on either end of the final scoreline, will be but wasting his time on a fool's errand.

Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea VcWtQeJ

Chelsea come into the game having endured a mixed pre-season despite beating Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona on penalties in their International Champions Cup friendlies this week.

The Blues started off their tour of the US with a surprise 4-2 defeat at the hands of a second-string New York Red Bulls side last week despite having the likes of captain John Terry on the pitch.

However, Mourinho's side did secure two victories in their post-season friendlies against Sydney FC and Thailand All-Stars, which followed on from their Premier League and Capital One Cup successes last term.

Arsenal, meanwhile, will come into the clash against Chelsea in a confident mood after winning the Emirates Cup last weekend, in which the Gunners thrashed French giants Lyon 6-0 and also beat Wolfsburg.

Wenger's side also clinched the Barclays Asia Trophy with a win over Everton in Singapore this summer.

London Evening Standard

Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea UcgdtTl

Anthony Taylor, who last officiated for Arsenal in their penultimate game of the 2014/15 season – a nil-all draw at home to Sunderland – and for Chelsea in their 2-0 victory over other London rivals Tottenham Hotspur in the Capital One Cup Final in March, as been appointed referee for Sunday's affair.

Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea Lk55ADt

The match kicks off at 1500 BST

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Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea Empty Re: Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea

Post by Rebelles.REUS.rex Sat Aug 01, 2015 3:50 pm

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Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea Empty Re: Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea

Post by El Gunner Sat Aug 01, 2015 3:55 pm

Even though it might not be such a huge game, I really do hope Wenger finally gets one over Jose. Will be good for our mentality.
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Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea Empty Re: Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea

Post by Abramovich Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:48 am

Ah well would rather get the inevitable loss out of the way in a friendly game....

Let's hope its business as usual come the season.
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Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea Empty Re: Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea

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