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discuss about barca strategy  Empty discuss about barca strategy

Post by barca4eva Fri Sep 05, 2014 11:12 am

hey guys, i am a newbie here,also a great barca fans. i just want to share my ideas on barca and hopes you guys can give some comments and ideas.

as everyone knows, barca has new managers lucho. so, what are your opinions towards the changes that he brings for the clubs? here are mine:-

1) like managers who give young player a chance to shine and lucho did. however, i hope he can give sergi roberto and rafinha paring up with some veterans like iniesta and xavi. it will be good for them to learn some experiences. they must start to show the world the potential and quality they have. they need to be more mature in playing.

2) attacking. well, barca attacking hasn't improve much. they still face difficulties dealing with "buses" , agree? some simple examples. lets assume the "buses" is a hard rock, if we pour water towards it, the water will be flowing at both sides of the rock just like how barca normally attack when they face " buses". if the rock can become crushed stone, then the water can flow through everywhere. so, i think they best way to solve "buses" is to drag them more forward to opponent half, making them less concentrated at the final third. long passes are needed in order for barca to make a effective attack. i hope barca won't wandering around the final third without any effective progress.

3) defending. barca defending this season is more concrete. players are more organised. however, sometimes, some players may out of position. if anyone watched barca vs villarreal, we nearly conceded a goal because some players miss marked opponent and out of position. hope lucho can improve in defense.learning from atletico and chelsea will be good. but not parking bus.

4) we need counter attack. like seriously, sometimes when i watched barca match, i feel like crashing up my computer when players have the great chance to counter attack but they don't. lucho really need to improve barca attacking speed, faster more precise and more effective.

so, that's my opinions for the new managers and new strategy.
hopes to give my ideal formation for barca(assume all players are available)

ter stegen

hopes you guys can comment my ideas above and share your ideal formation for barca. thanks.


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