LIVE CHATILLON - Tevez and Llorente put a show for the fans in the match

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LIVE CHATILLON - Tevez and Llorente put a show for the fans in the match  Empty LIVE CHATILLON - Tevez and Llorente put a show for the fans in the match

Post by DeviAngel Sat Jul 13, 2013 6:21 pm

19:00 - "THANK YOU PRESIDENT" - The official website of Juventus said that the visit of President Andrea Agnelli Juventus in the withdrawal of Chatillon:
The first afternoon, for the Summer Village, is usually a time to relax, someone is about to bathe in the shade after the sun bath enjoyed during training, others are dedicated to shopping, visiting the stands or munching a sandwich. All this, however, with the placid rhythms of those who patiently waits the second session of the day and the evening meeting with the players. The real highlight, however, came early today. At 15:10 Andrea Agnelli has appeared from behind the stage, almost obligatory route coming from the Hotel School where he had lunch with the team, crossing the threshold of the village Juventus. And, after the understandable moment of loss of the first fans who have found themselves face to face with the President, the quiet has turned into bedlam. A pit pleasant though: Agnelli was overwhelmed by the affection of the fans who have literally surrounded during his visit to the various stands, to bring home an autograph or a photo. And this year, as has been the established tradition, the President has willingly granted to a warm embrace, moving, after a visit to the Summer Village, also in the stands of the stadium Brumod, where he satisfied the demands of the fans in the stands. People thronged there were hundreds and for this hit even more the fact that each of them would introduce a single Agnelli, the same word: "Thanks." And, it is to be sure, why were not only the autographs or photos ...

18:40 - APPOINTMENT TO 19:30 SPEAKS LLORENTE - Fans now are transferred to the Summer Village. At 19:30, in fact, is scheduled for the expected meeting between a footballer and Juventus Juventus supporters. Today is the turn of Fernando Llorente.

18:39 - A child Vidal: "Bring in Lisbon" (venue of the next Champions League final, ed.)

18:38 - OVER TRAINING - Training is finished. Players sign autographs, before returning to the locker room.

18:37 - Conte has been able to draw valuable information from this session. In practice match seemed particularly inspired by all attackers. Llorente and Tevez gave the show, also realizing goals of fine workmanship. Resounding instead the goal kick scored by Fabio Quagliarella. Well even Matri. Usual point of reference Arturo Vidal. Ogbonna is getting to grips with the defense posture of Antonio Conte. Of note is the excellent performance of young defender Spring Magnusson.

18:36 - After stretching the players are expected to sign a few autographs and come back in the locker room.

18:34 - Count in conversation with his staff and with the new entry Sandreani.

18:33 - Now the whole team is slumped at the center circle for stretching at the end of training.

18:32 - Count blows.

18:31 - At this stage, Conte is being deployed as a part of the trident Tevez-Matri-Vucinic and Quagliarella on the other pair-Llorente.

18:30 - It should not be very much at the end of the session. The Bianconeri are in the range of about an hour and a half.

18:29 - Another goal of plate of quail, in the small area.

18:27 - Llorente beats Rubinho with a precise end range.

18:25 - Meta also Vidal.

18:25 - Tevez goes into the goal for the greens.

18:23 - Quagliarella scored with a fine header.

18:22 - ALSO VIA Guild - Fabio Guild Brunod leaves the stage.

18:21 - Shooting in the reverse fixture. Now they are the yellows to attack toward the door. The Greens, however, must do destination. Ogbonna driving defense yellow in a central position, the one usually occupied by Bonucci.

18:18 - Break. Tevez talks with Vucinic as he reaches the fridge.

18:15 - There comes a bit 'tired in these final stages.

18:13 - platter of Vidal that leaves no way the goalkeeper.

18:10 - Another shot around health evaluation and ball that passes just wide.

18:10 - Carlitos unleashed: jump a couple of men and then you see refute the conclusion.

18:09 - First Matri Asamoah and then go into the goal.

18:07 - The yellow must do "destination", carrying the ball over the halfway line. The Greens should try to make goals.

18:06 - Now the little doors have been removed. The group came back together. He plays in midfield. Partitella aimed at possession.

18:05 - Game stops. Pause. The Bianconeri are drinking.

18:04 - Lichtsteiner calls Tevez: "Carli"

18:03 - Fabio Guild has remained on the sidelines to follow the session.

18:02 - Another nice network of Tevez: powerful diagonal left and ball that slips all'angolino.

18:00 - LAMBS AND IF THEY SAY HELLO VA - Andrea Agnelli greeted Guild and left the stadium Brunod, escorted by the head of the Albanian communication.

17:59 - Even today Tevez and Llorente are exposing all their qualities.

17:56 - Super-goal Tevez and the Argentinian avoids a defender and past goalkeeper with a soft touch from the edge of the area.

17:55 - More goals from Vucinic, who today do not make a wrong conclusion.

17:54 - The two mini-games have a special feature. Face off against yellow green, but there is a player in red jersey that is the wild card and play with both teams.

17:52 - Llorente high kick.

17:50 - Very goal kick by Fabio Quagliarella.

17:49 - Obviously, one part and the other part raining goals at a distance of a few seconds. The two playing fields, in fact, are small. The little doors are positioned in the trocar.

17:48 - Just outside of Vidal bags after a punctual insertion.

17:46 - Across the field while you are playing another match. Play among others Vidal, Ogbonna and Quagliarella.

17:45 - Short break.

17:42 - Another shot around the distance of Vucinic and other goals. The Montenegrin has the hot foot. 6-2.

17:40 - Here comes also the first goal of Tevez and the Argentinian wonder closes a triangle and beat the goalkeeper in Split. 5-2 for the yellow.

17:39 - What Vucinic goal! Great shot from distance. 5-1 for the yellow

17:38 - Peluso put to the side.

17:37 - Shooting a matter of Tevez out a little.

17:36 - Triplet Llorente: precise conclusion of the right inner all'angolino. 4-1 for the yellow

17:36 - Tevez agrees the goalkeeper.

17:35 - Shortening the yellows with a shot from medium distance: it seemed De Ceglie the goalscorer.

17:34 - Isla prevents the goalkeeper out and put inside the door unguarded net. 3-0 for the yellow

17:33 - Still Llorente, who deposits in the bag of precise assists Isla: 2-0 for the yellow.

17:32 - Llorente scored immediately in close touch with.

17:31 - We have created two mini-camps. Start a mini-match

17:30 - Torello finished.

17:28 - "Arthur, Arthur, Arthur," they shout the fans.

17:24 - Fans are hoping that you dispute the match to see the work especially new purchases.

17:21 - Andrea Agnelli and Fabio Guild follow the Bianconeri at the height of the bull flag corner.

17:16 - Start the bull.

17:13 - Also this afternoon, the group should sistenere a match. It 'was in fact placed the door on the frontline.

17:12 - Start heating. Light running.

17:11 - Fabio Guild celebrates his 41st birthday in the withdrawal of Chatillon.

17:08 - TRAINING STARTS. THESE AND LAMBS Guild - Start the afternoon session of Juventus. The Bianconeri have just entered the field of play. On the sidelines there are also Andrea Agnelli and Fabio Guild.

16:30 - packed grandstands - The stands of the stadium Brunod are already packed. Fans await the start of the afternoon session.

16:20 - LLORENTE TONIGHT AT THE SUMMER VILLAGE - Every night on stage at the Summer Village, during the retreat Châtillon, salt a Juventus player to answer questions from fans. The club in Corso Galileo Ferraris, through its official Twitter profile, revealed that this evening the supporters of the Italian champions will have the opportunity to meet Fernando Llorente: "If you missed the last AskFernando # today @ llorentefer19 reply to your questions directly from the stage of the # JuveSummerVillage! "wrote Juve.

16:10 - LAMBS FOLLOW 'TRAINING - President Lambs will follow the afternoon session of Juventus stadium Brunod.

15:50 - BATH CROWD FOR LAMBS. THANK YOU FANS AND ASK KOLAROV - Huge crowds for President Agnelli, which is materialized in the Summer Village after meeting with Juventus players and the coach. Fans thanked him for the great work of the market society. Some supporters of the Bianconeri have also requested Kolarov. The number one of Juventus, in this case, did not respond. At this time he moved inside the gym.

15:40 - President Agnelli is dissetando in the press.

15:30 -'S 'THE PRESIDENT ANDREA LAMBS! - Juventus is in Châtillon a few days and is working very hard. In the withdrawal of Châtillon Juventus Andrea Agnelli has just arrived. Juventus president should also make a tour in the Summer Village. Agnelli has risen in the Aosta Valley to be close to the squad. Also Juventus on Twitter, has welcomed the President: "Welcome to Chatillon president! Welcome to Chatillon, President Agnelli! Http://," wrote the club Corso Galileo Ferraris, who also posted a photo of Andrea Agnelli among the fans at the Summer Village.

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