CL refereeing this season

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CL refereeing this season Empty CL refereeing this season

Post by eelir Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:58 am

First of all, let me make it clear, I do believe ref mistakes are honest, and they eventually even out at the end.

I do not want to discuss which team has been undone this season. I have seen at least 5 games after last 16, where the refs have or could have caused a qualification to teams. It is not something that should happen in this level of competition, and 3 more games are still on. The weirdest part is that most of the mistakes were so blatant that is it hilarious.

I just wonder if you guys feel that this year it has been much worse than the others? I for once think that the CL has had the worst season in terms of refereeing.

Also, do you think that the ''new refs'' at the goal line serve no purpose? They can see a lot of these injustices as they have the best view, and it seams as if they are there only to receive the paycheck at the end of the night!
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