Update on the transfers : Marrone and Padoin non transferable. Drogba in stand by. Immobile and Borrielo .....

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Update on the transfers : Marrone and Padoin non transferable. Drogba in stand by. Immobile and Borrielo ..... Empty Update on the transfers : Marrone and Padoin non transferable. Drogba in stand by. Immobile and Borrielo .....

Post by DeviAngel Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:14 pm

Insufficient exactly thirteen days at the end of the winter transfer market window and Marotta is trying to beat different tracks to give Conte a reinforced attack since Bendtner will be out until the end of March, Vucinic has continuous physical problems and ultimately also Quagliarella should remain off the field for a couple of weeks. No major stroke is clear, that if anything will be done in summer, you will only search the most convenient opportunity for an attacker because the defense after the arrival of Peluso is numerically applied as well as the midfield as both Brown Padoin that, despite the ' A series of half-interest does not start at the behest of Conte considers them non-transferable. Turin Fabio Quagliarella will not leave even every day are put together a team. But how can you think that Juve, a deficit of tips you let them go? Even Iaquinta will remain at Juventus until at least June after rejecting an offer from West Ham. Finally Ziegler returning from loan at Lokomotiv, barring unforeseen circumstances, should settle down to Genoa with the same formula. Let's look at "player to player" all the names "hot" for the offensive department:

Didier Drogba - After the optimism of recent weeks, the negotiations were stalled enough. The basis of this is the fact that "Didi" has not yet decided if it suits really move to Turin, where he would play the Champions League but so would gain 12 million in seasons. In short, the dilemma that plagues the Ivorian is as follows: back in the game or stay in China and earn million fine? Juventus in this sense expects the same player take the first step out of the closet and taking a final decision. If Drogba were to opt to leave China, the Bianconeri have already prepared the offer: Dry loan until the end of the season face-off at 3.5 million plus an option for next season, tied to performance, to 6 million.

CIRO IMMOBILE - Juventus has tried but Precious has not sold. The Ligurian club has in fact gently returned to the supply of Marotta who had put on the plate for a loan with right of redemption by half. The "nodes" that blew the house are two: the Ligurian club wanted as counterparts Brown and Padoin, both considered non-transferable and especially the help of Juventus would have to find another attacker to "Gryphon". Nothing to do, then, despite the player would have gladly accepted a possible return to Turin. The deal, for the moment, but apparently missed as he admitted last night the agent of property, Alessandro Moggi, the transfer market is still long and anything can happen though hardly the return to Genoa on his positions.

Manolo Gabbiadini - For the young striker loaned to Bologna Juventus in the summer an attempt has done well but on this occasion we have seen Marotta found in front of a wall adamant we waited for the player throughout the summer, is now doing very well, why should we ridarvelo? This essentially is the thought of Emilian company that has no intention of depriving the player after the recent exploits. The Bianconeri, however, you return to the office but hardly the transaction goes through.

Marco Borriello - And 'the case of these last few days but as we have already explained earlier is a projection rather unlikely. Meanwhile, the player is on loan from Rome to Genoa with Preziosi, who has openly declared never want to deprive then it would be very difficult to find an agreement with the Giallorossi after Juventus last year not redeemed. The "sponsor" main Borriello is represented by Antonio Conte riaccoglierebbe him with open arms but by the time the speech does not exist.

LISANDRO LOPEZ - Contacts with the Argentine attacker's attorney, Fernando Hidalgo were there. A pourparler just to test the waters. Basically the situation is this: the player wants to leave Olympique Lyon and would be happy to Turin but Aulas, the president of the French club, is "famous" to ask every penny to their players. Accordingly or Juve releases 15 million and takes it outright or "greetings". The idea of ​​Marotta was to take him on loan with right of redemption but as you can imagine the possibility that the deal goes through on this basis are zero.

FERNANDO LLORENTE - E 'news today that Juventus have reached an agreement with the player on the contract in June, when it will release a free dall'Athletic Bilbao (four-year 4.5 million per season). The Bianconeri, however, wanted to anticipate his arrival in January and therefore had put on the plate 4000000. Offer promptly rejected by Urrutia that has now decided to keep it until the end of the season even if he will lose it to zero.

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