Greetings from Vucinic & Borriello

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Greetings from Vucinic & Borriello Empty Greetings from Vucinic & Borriello

Post by Cotes Thu 26 Apr 2012, 08:40

Vucinic: "Another step toward a big dream. Greetings from me and Mark!"

Greetings from Vucinic & Borriello 529688_403933886294627_387063824648300_1293116_1350847392_n

After success on Cesena, Mirko Vucinic has left on his facebook page and a picture of a thought. "Another small step toward a big dream - he wrote the Montenegrin striker, who became immortalized with Marco Borriello -. This picture is for you. Greetings to all from me and Marco. "
A postcard from Cesena, who portrays the heroes of the day: Borriello, in fact, scored the decisive goal on an assist from Vucinic.
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