The Associated Press - Juve, assault Rhodolfo: ready 10 million. Guild Marotta and meet the agent in Turin

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The Associated Press - Juve, assault Rhodolfo: ready 10 million. Guild Marotta and meet the agent in Turin  Empty The Associated Press - Juve, assault Rhodolfo: ready 10 million. Guild Marotta and meet the agent in Turin

Post by DeviAngel Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:48 am

From the menu of central defenders, so far unsuccessfully peeled, Juve test hours to get the best, by age, physical and talented: Luiz Rhodolfo Gaioto Dini, but number 4 on the jersey of the St. Paul just Rhodolfo, just turned 25 years, a meter and 93 to 85 pounds. And, they say, timing closure and a right foot in trained to jump-start the action. Then maybe the new label of Lucius who have stuck by him a year just to facilitate exports to Europe, but it seems worth it. So Fabio Antonio Conte and the Guild have ordered, sat yesterday for lunch at the "Apple One," the restaurant opened a month ago by his brother in the center of Turin's Juventus technical.

Ordering in a literal sense, given the presence of Rafael Felix, procurator of the Brazilian player. Were not for the individual concerned (and his salary content) the deal could be done instantly, much harder to obtain the signature of St. Paul, who is in the midst of the Brazilian championship, although Juventus have a check ready 10 million euros. Probed by the agents, Mr. Juvencio Juvenal, club president, gave a negative answer: Rhodolfo not sell. The Bianconeri are trying again, the strong will of the defender, even if the store closes in four days, Wednesday evening.

Juve are convinced that the player deserves the bet, and then shopping. At least most of Lugano, who has never liked too, and leadership coach, Bruno Alves, good but towards the horizon of thirty years, and Alex, slow and expensive. The center of Sao Paulo, which leaders from all over Europe (including Marotta and Guild) stalked for a year and a half, it would be more like the identikit of Count: robust, athletic, and with the habit of not necessarily send the ball in grandstand. Until last year he played in athletics Paranaense, then went to St. Paul.

The change of the banner and the good start to the season have pushed up the price, with envy of the world stock markets: it cost about 4 million to 5 million when they tried to take Udinese, Valencia and Bayer Leverkusen, is now worth twice that. You can do the same, reasons Juve. The St. Paul has not. Were to end badly, and the chance to roam 50 percent, Marotta will try again to speak with the Zenith for the exchange-Bruno Alves Bonucci: this too complicated, because both companies are struggling to bring a balance in the exchange peers. Between the local and the hotel by Contes "Principi di Piemonte" Another lair Juventus a few meters away, continued the chatter of the market.

Around in the pause between the two workouts, s'avvistava a nice piece of the team: Estigarribia the table in the bar, Vidal around shops, Cicero Giaccherini model Chiellini, Pirlo Matri ice cream, Vucinic in search of the house.


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