Marotta prepares the double blow in defense

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Marotta prepares the double blow in defense Empty Marotta prepares the double blow in defense

Post by DeviAngel Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:55 pm

The market, you know, is made up of many facets, born and aborted negotiations within a few hours. Purchases or sales jumped last moment and then sketched ideas ever made for financial reasons, or for failure of an interlocking set of circumstances related to each other. But even when it hits scored more or even no one believed would ever have imagined.

Could this be the case of a very interesting idea that seems to be flashed in the minds of Marotta and Guild in the last two days, at least according to some rumors coming from Turin.

Zenith by Luciano Spalletti, in fact, do not let go of Leonardo Bonucci, for which he had arrived in recent days to offer 8 million euros to ensure performance. Right offer from Juventus returned to the sender that the central Italian National rightly claim it at least 15 million or so.

Well, what does the Russian team of leaders Juventus with the idea of ​​which we mentioned at the beginning? Easily explained: the possible passage of the Zenit St Petersburg Bonucci would open the door to scenarios with Juventus until now unimaginable to most, namely the possibility of a double-wide level for the purchase of defense, making sure the services at once Alex (10 million to Chelsea, even with the inclusion in the negotiation depreciable Storari) and Lugano (3 million at Fenerbahce thanks to the out clause), and thus giving two strong central to Antonio Conte high quality, international experience and character .

See if the type of athletes who serve as the bread to the Juventus team, especially in that department. That's why, in spite of the 15 million requested officially to the Zenit to Bonucci, Marotta could actually settle for a figure close to 13 million euros. Fantamercato? Maybe. In the next few hours it seems that the current holders of the Russian Super rifaranno in a new and higher offer which should be around 11 million euros.
If you push the Russians to offer two million more than this amount, then the deal could be concluded Bonucci, with his move to the team led by Spalletti.

If what you just described materializes, among other things, the 10 million that would remain in cash from the initial budget for the campaign planned by the company purchases this year could be used for the midfielder requested by Conte. But a really good and best pink, not a simple addition that can offer nothing more than the players that Juventus has already employed. They could end up together then to Florence for Vargas in Martinez, or with the addition of the proceeds of the sale dell'uruguagio and Amauri in Barcelona for Afellay, who despite the denials of the rite, it is said that can not be bought .

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