The Journal - Juve threw himself on the left to complete the second revolution

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The Journal - Juve threw himself on the left to complete the second revolution  Empty The Journal - Juve threw himself on the left to complete the second revolution

Post by DeviAngel Sat Aug 13, 2011 3:19 pm

Optimism is the perfume of life, think positive dicevaToninoGuerra.E Juventus. By force of circumstances: after two seventh place, the last
which has also sanctioned the expulsion from Europe 'B, Juventus could hardly do worse. To succeed in the enterprise do not like shrimp, C. & Marotta have implemented a real revolution: the second, in practice, after the past year. Then they were seventeen new players "periniziare work of renewal based on the amount." Today, purchases are six (Pirlo, Patience, Ziegler, Vidal, LichtsteinereVucinic), however, almost all with ambitions of ownership: it follows that, the market still open and waiting at least an outside (maybe two) and a central defender - the Bis Revolution will have a more profound sull'undici to take the field to restore luster to the top of the glorious Lady. To date, in fact, removed the doors, hypoxia owners veterans from last year should only eroessere Chiellini, Bonucci (still in the balance), Matri Krasic, however, called to reason and not just to run like an automaton: male.Conte mica, new He too, was presented with the expression of those rough on the field wants to work like mad, leaving nothing to chance: the 4-2-4 tactical exercises to assimilate the ordinance are wasted,

suggestions are continuous and even poison ("it is a hammer," confirmed the young Brown, already with him in Siena), physical work is hard as it rarely has happened in recent years. "A allaJuve Mister X? I do not say anything, but to me an 'X' never liked: either one or two, "said the coach. Take it or leave it. All or nothing: but this year will be "all." At least the third place, which would mean reaching the Champions League qualifying "fundamental to our budget," he reminisces

Marotta. The word "championship" - until John Elkann made nonl'ha Villar Perosa, a couple of days ago had not
no one uttered, nor indeed had done in his time explaining that Ferrara, "as Juve, nonc'รจ need someone wants us to win." Conte has gone even more from the bottom. Juventus was snubbed in the predictions for the Scudetto? "For us to shut up and pedal tempodi is because, compared to Inter, Milan and Naples, we started to dare zero.Non hypothesis, but certainly we want to be

competitive in the shortest possible time. "And if someone is afraid that some abundance, especially in the midfield (Pirlo, Marchisio, Vidal and Patience), could be counterproductive, Conte has already indicated that" we can not reason like a provincial,

with at most two good players for the role. " "Compared to the past, the focus is more on quality," confirms Marchisio. In fact, the embroideries of Pirlo and Vucinic is a far cry from the touch and Amauri Dimelo: the hope is that the results are completely different.

Tonight, meanwhile, the ranks Juventus will face Real Betis in Salerno, perhaps the first friendly "serious" of the season after that

(Lost) against Sporting Lisbon. "I do not expect special audits, explains why the I-Count every day having
ork tocca.Non dil amount we forget that we are dealing with the pre-season with so many young people must simply
continue to grow, waiting for the full group. " Today is not yet the right time to see the work of the Chilean Vidal

aTorino landed Thursday after two weeks of vacation: curiosity, then all will be for Vucinic, who should be preferred to Del Piero to partner with Matra. And for Easter, sparkling in Modena last year and so far very well in black and white:

an unexpected bang on the left, the pampering is all for him.

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