Alien life & UAP

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Alien life & UAP Empty Alien life & UAP

Post by Vibe Mon Aug 07, 2023 11:18 am

I don't know if we discussed this here, but first there was the UFO(UAP now) stuff from the US government and now, not so long after we have the non-human biologics supposedly recovered from UFO crash sites.

This all coming from a high ranking official testimony. Now this guy says he can't provide evidence in a public hearing, but can (already has?) provide evidence in a private hearing.

From since I can remember, space and extra terrestrial life have always been the peak of my interest. Now as we are getting closer, I feel like if aliens turned up tomorrow, I would be like, ok.

Not sure if I watched waaay to much Sci-Fi or what, or at this point it's not even a mystery anymore.

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