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Post by BarcaLearning Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:16 pm

Well been busy for a while, but bit of time b4 the WC left and hoping to work out some predictions and maybe place some bets which makes it more fun :)I thought I'd post some of my opinions and hope to see what everyone thinks as well~

Without watching a lot of internationals lately, im not in the best position, but im leaning towards Brazil, Argentina, Germany as the favourites. Portugal I think has an outside chance. Im not convince by some teams that many are talking about like Belgium, they have the players but remember they are young and inexperienced at WC. Must add also that the climate factor will favourite the teams that are used to it, obviously meaning SA and African nations more.

Brazil - no need to explain, they was very good in the confed last year which I watched, they will play with 200% and with all the home advantages, has a top defense and solid midfield to protect. Up front they also seem to be working well in terms of creating and scoring, with Neymar on fire for them for a long while now

Argentina - Havent watched them much at all, full games I mean, and we all know their problems, strengths and weaknesses. I want to ask those that follow them though, just how poor are is their defense now? :PArgentina usually produce top GKs, but doesnt seem the case atm?

A big question mark is their midfield play maker, will Messi be doing that and would that be enough? Or is there another player that can help out and play that midfielder that helps dictate? Otherwise I imagine their play to be very quick and chaotic.

Germany - Again, we all know their strengths and the only real weakness is problem slow CBs and lacking a top striker. Of cos Klose is a beast in WCs, and they even seem to want to play without a real striker now. They are absolutely packed with WC attackers, but I cant help but get the feeling if they can gel, and that Lowe just cant seem able to bring the absolute best out of them? They were narrowly beaten by Spain though at the last WC, and if they click they should be awesome.

Would be great to hear the German team followers share their opinion?

Portugal - With the team playing often so though in the WCs, they have also been closely knocked out in the past couple of WCs iirc. Ronaldo has been on fire for longgg time now so I do find it a bit odd nobody is considering them a dark horse.

Hope to hear what everyone thinks or your general analysis, etc.  cheers
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