Is Manchester United as we know it gone for good?

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Is Manchester United as we know it gone for good? Empty Is Manchester United as we know it gone for good?

Post by VendettaRed07 Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:47 pm

Serious question no trolling. I know there are already a couple United threads but still

Alex Ferguson was in control of United longer than many on this board have even been alive, and many others were just too young to recall a time where anyone else was in control of United, or what a non-United dominated English football world even looks like.

I feel like if we want to predict the future, of what may come, or at least what can expect, the best thing to do is to look at the past. Because while 26 years is forever to most of us, it was only a fraction of time in the grand scheme of English football history.

B.F. (Before Fergie):

-They won 7 English League titles.. So one title about every 15 years or so give or take.

-They won 6 FA cups, so one about ever 17 years or so

-And one Champions league title in the late 60s.

D.F.E (During Ferguson Era):

-They won 13 league titles.. So one league title basically every other year

-5 FA cup wins, so one FA cup about every 5 years

-And two champions league titles, so one about ever 13 years

When Ferguson took over United, they had been on a long English title drought.. And by the time they won it, it had been 25 years since they won the last one. There are so many other cups and competitions that Fergie won and that united won before his time, But I feel like I highlighted the important ones. In fact, Fergies United is very similar to his time at Aberdeen. They had won only 1 SPL title ever before and three in his short stint.. Not to mention 2 european titles which is more than ANY other Scottish Football team.. Yes, even more than Celtic, with 1, and Rangers, also with 1. And no Scottish team outside the oldfirm has won the league since he left.

I guess my point for this is that, I feel there is a lot of People who don't want to see Moyes go because the downfall of United is all his fault and if they bring in somebody better, United will be back to their old ways Dominating the league and winning titles left and right. Though, I think history shows that really may not be the case. I'd say odds are actually, we may never see any team have as dominant a period of time as United has enjoyed these last few decades because history wise, outside of just United, throughout all of English football a period of success like this is completely unprecedented aside from Liverpool during the 70s and 80s.

Can united be successful? or at least better than they have been this last season? For Sure. Can they go on stints of winning titles multiple years in a row? Definitely.. But I don't think its possible to ever live up to the standards set. Because who out there can even come close to replicating it? Forget Moyes, who can they hire, or how many managers in a row get results so consistent over such a long period of time? Could we see this team go on title droughts as long as it had been before Ferguson? What can we expect in the next 5, 10, 20 years of United?
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Is Manchester United as we know it gone for good? Empty Re: Is Manchester United as we know it gone for good?

Post by BeautifulGame Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:01 pm

They definitely wont be able to dominate like in the past now with money bags of city and Chelsea.

But will be back sooner than later.Just a question of how long it takes to get the right manager.Somewhat similar to Liverpool.

U cant keep a club like United down for too long with their revenue and history.

Will definitely be interesting how the Glaziers react with the effect of loss of CL revenue
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