Jose, Ivanovic and the 3-5-2

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Jose, Ivanovic and the 3-5-2 Empty Jose, Ivanovic and the 3-5-2

Post by Kick Wed 30 Oct 2013 - 11:23

I am sure by now you guys have noticed that when we're chasing a game, Jose seems to use the same plan B. Sub on a winger/CF for our LB. Going from a 4-2-3-1 to a 3-5-2.
while it does make our play look weaker, It's gotten results, just take a look at Eto'o's first goal for Chelsea, moments after switching to this formation. I personally believe the main reason why Ivanovic is so heavily favoured to Azpilicueta is due to the fact Bran can play at either RB or CB, allowing this change of formation to happen, should we need to. This is also why I think Schurrle and Hazard have been seeing so much game time, they're our best natural wingers which makes them the most ideal to play an attacking 3-5-2. While Schurrle is probably the best for it, Hazard is much better than Mata on the wing.

So by playing Ivanovic and Schurrle over Dave and Juan is Jose's way of buying some insurance and versatility to be able to switch formations with less subs. While I am not sure I like the 3-5-2, I certainly like the idea of having a plan B, something teams like Barca and Juve have struggled to come up with and if it gives us the edge over some teams, then great, I am all for it. I would like to see some improvement in while playing it though because when we do imploy it, it looks poor.

thoughts on our plan B, guys?

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Jose, Ivanovic and the 3-5-2 Empty Re: Jose, Ivanovic and the 3-5-2

Post by Soul Wed 30 Oct 2013 - 13:35

Interesting thought. I think we would keep on improving with time. We'll certainly see how effective the Plan B would be in the latter parts of the CL when we're looking for a goal.

3-5-2 is very risky if the opposition is on the counter. While Brana may be good enough to play both RB and CB, I think Azpi would have the edge in his pace when they need to track back and defend.

I honestly don't know what to say about Juan Mata's case. I wouldn't call him slow but from what I've seen I think he is best playing in the middle, dictating the game. And right now, Oscar is having the form of his life. It is amazing that we have both of these incredible players but I cannot find a solution to keep both of them happy at the same time.


Going by my FIFA14 expertise, using a 4-3-3:
   Oscar        Mata
Shurlle   Torres    Hazard

That way we have more pitch time for both Mata and Oscar but I'm not sure whether that's what the team needs. And plus, we would get destroyed defensively.

I don't envy Mourinho having to make these decisions Neutral
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