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On that high horse of glory Empty On that high horse of glory

Post by Doc Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:31 am

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell insists his club would never have approved a €100 million transfer for Gareth Bale.

Real Madrid secured the services of the Welshman before the close of the transfer window for a world-record fee.

However, Real’s fiercest rivals claim such a deal would never be sanctioned in Catalonia.

"I wouldn’t have paid €100 million [for Bale]," he told TV3.

"Barcelona cannot allow for that. If we pay €100m, people would go crazy. Madrid is a private institution and if their socios allow it, then I have nothing to say.

"We need to tell Tata [Martino, who criticised the transfer] that he can’t always say what he thinks, but he was speaking from the heart."

Rosell also provided a positive update on the condition of former Barca manager Tito Vilanova, who stepped down to once again battle cancer.

"I had dinner with him the other day and he looked well. He’s fighting, he’s putting all his energy into it and I hope he comes out alright on the other side," he added.


If it were, let's say, Dortmund's president talking, humble pie needs to be eaten by the baker's dozens in Real Madrid. But Rossel...nah man, nah, no bueno...
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On that high horse of glory Empty Re: On that high horse of glory

Post by harhar11 Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:34 pm

You do know that in the full interview he said that if the real madrid president, staff and fans are OK with them paying the €100m, then he can't say anything, right?

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