Pedulla: " Gomez pushes Jovetic to Juve "

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Pedulla: " Gomez pushes Jovetic to Juve "  Empty Pedulla: " Gomez pushes Jovetic to Juve "

Post by DeviAngel Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:05 pm

The well-known industry expert, Alfredo Pedulla, took stock of the situation Fiorentina-Gomez, directly linked, as we read on the blog of journalist, that Jovetic-Juventus. As reported here on the site "": "Fiorentina in a hurry, he wants to speed up Mario Gomez. Has total agreement with the attacker and has reached an agreement in principle with Bayern, there is no ultimatum from the German striker, but the club purple now in a hurry to close the matter. innovations are expected then, very soon, on the side Jovetic-Juventus, since Fiorentina, before acquiring Gomez, must necessarily give way to the Montenegrin cash. "

The imminent landing of Super Mario Gomez in purple, could then stalled negotiations between Juventus and Fiorentina Jovetic.

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