Pedulla: "Juve, Boakye has soared"

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Pedulla: "Juve, Boakye has soared" Empty Pedulla: "Juve, Boakye has soared"

Post by DeviAngel Tue Nov 27, 2012 5:58 pm

If you get to the strikers in Europe has become prohibitive, then build the future champions at home might be a cost-effective solution, in terms of not only economic. Juve knows and observes the great performances of ecstatic Richmond Boakye, '93 class striker in ownership between Juventus and Genoa. Alfredo Pedulla, the online pages of your site, so sings the praises:

"Richmond Boakye is definitely one of the greatest talents in Italian. Ghanaian striker, class '93, is emerging in Serie B with Sassuolo ranked first, for he came 6 goals already this season, after he had made ​​10 in the previous season, always with the team of Modena. Though this is the second season in Emilia, the tag Boakye belongs to two other teams: Genoa and Juventus. Juventus takes ownership in July 16, 2012 even if it is turned over soon after to Sassuolo.'s already doing better than last season, achieving important goals and showing off high-level performance. For now, Boakye, has an average of one goal every two games, not bad for a boy of nineteen. many are betting that as early as next year, you could see the fields in Serie A, although it is still difficult to know with which team it belongs to. A new , young, talent seems to have taken off. "

Bring him back !

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