"I have enriched the world of football, and I end up with nothing"

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"I have enriched the world of football, and I end up with nothing" Empty "I have enriched the world of football, and I end up with nothing"

Post by LeBéninois Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:24 pm

Van bommel and Milan AC plans to organize a charity match in favor of Bosman

Jean-Marc Bosman is a name that does not necessarily say much more to many people. But the Bosman ruling, which revolutionized football in the last 15 years, you certainly evokes something. This is indeed the law, due to the man who gave his name, which allows players to engage in any club, and this, whatever their nationality. Today, this former Belgian footballer is 47 years old. And it is at its worst.

Jean-Marc Bosman: "I have enriched the world of football, and I end up with nothing"

A year ago, he launched a distress call, tinged with bitterness and resentment, to FIFA. o not digest the lack of recognition expressed the football to him, and he did know about RMC Sport: "I am still on antidepressants, has he said in an interview with the media.He now lives with little more than 700 euros a month . What is unfortunate is that I fought for five years to defend my beliefs. Everyone has forgotten the man who is the source of the Bosman ruling. I have enriched the world of football and I'm left with nothing. I want some recognition. "

For a year, nothing has really changed for Bosman. But as reported by Marca, the Belgian met an angel on his way. "It is thanks to Bosman I could leave PSV for Barca in 2005," says Mark Van Bommel, the Dutch midfielder of almost 35 years AC Milan. The two men met in the past, and Van Bommel, shocked when he discovered that Bosman was under the influence of alcohol and antidepressants, paid vacation from his own pocket to his "benefactor". Both individuals have recently crossed over during the last Milan - Arsenal Champions League in Milan. Dutch and Belgian promised the he would still have something to help him.

"I thought to kill myself"

It evokes an auction of personal items from Van Bommel, but also an exhibition game with the money raised would be donated to Jean-Marc Bosman. This one, about the hardships he went through during all these years, stated in the Flemish daily De Standaard: "Football has put me away from the system because I have embarrassed his high places. If all clubs who have benefited from my stop had given me a euro, I would not be in there today. Without my strength of character, I would have already committed suicide. " Hopefully many will answer the call from Mark Van Bommel.
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