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Del Piero expected to go abroad  Empty Del Piero expected to go abroad

Post by DeviAngel Tue Oct 18, 2011 5:43 pm

Alessandro Del Piero’s first agent, Claudio Pasqualin, believes he’ll want an experience abroad before returning to Juventus as a director.
Today it was announced the captain is in his final season as a player in Turin, but it’s not clear whether he’ll be hanging up his boots as well.

“President Andrea Agnelli said Del Piero will no longer be a Bianconeri player, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop with football. He may well look to an experience abroad,” Pasqualin told Radio Mana Mana.

“Agnelli and Del Piero are friends, so if the President took the initiative to give this news, I have to deduce they agreed to it. Only Ale knows what his future will be.

“He could well return to the Bianconeri as a director after an experience playing abroad. I don’t think he’ll remain to play in Italy, although the doors are open to him at every level. I’m sure he’ll make the best choice for him and his family, so I’d guess America rather than Spain.”

Pasqualin discovered the young Del Piero and brought him to Juventus back in 1993.

“When we saw him, many of us said a player like this is born once every 20 years. When he leaves football, it will certainly be a sad moment.

“When we signed that first Juventus contract, I feared for my ribs! He hugged me so hard, I thought he was going to crush me.

“He had seemed indifferent up to that point, but it was because nobody could believe it until he put pen to paper on that fantastic contract. Not even Del Piero could believe it.”


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