Live- Chiellini : ' Ibrahimovic? We'll see. Pirlo is already leader'

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Live- Chiellini : ' Ibrahimovic? We'll see. Pirlo is already leader' Empty Live- Chiellini : ' Ibrahimovic? We'll see. Pirlo is already leader'

Post by DeviAngel Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:57 pm

In these minutes Giorgio Chiellini is host to "Direct Line", the Juventus Channel program that makes it possible for all white fans to get in touch with their heroes. is transcribed in full and in real time the statements made by counsel during the show Tuscan conducted by Mrs Valeria Ciardiello:

Hello George, all right?
"Hello everyone. Well thanks."

Today afternoon workout?

It was thought in the morning, instead ...
"It 'changed yesterday. Now I'm going to train over the transmission."

Giorgio Chiellini is the player most punctual, arriving even before the presenter ...
"Today I arrived first."

What feelings do you have for the challenge on Sunday against Milan? Good luck ...
"Cracks the wolf first. Good, there is a great desire to show a little 'all - the championship, the fans and ourselves - that we have and we can do something important. And' a challenge unlike any other, partly because This year we face a champion AC Milan of Italy, they won, then play against those who have proved stronger than last year gives you something extra and we will certainly have a competitive charging more than normal games. Then I think even the new stadium will help us to this position even more. "

We are very curious to see what kind of bedlam will ...
"To be honest, already in these two games, the highlights of the game, perhaps the most excited, did you also find it hard to talk on the pitch, you had to scream when you were ten meters. The game Sunday as surely there will be something extra" .

It 'a orgorglio bring black and white jersey. How do you feel when you wear it? Adding us maybe even the captain's armband ...
"I believe and I hope to send this pride. It 'something that maybe a fan for fifty years can understand. This is the seventh year that I'm here and I have experienced so many things, I grew as a person and as a player, then I feel and I hope to reflect on the pitch then that pride and passion that the fans then they also dressed in the shirt of Juventus. "

When you happen to wear the jersey of captain is a different emotion?
"It 'still a little bit more, especially now that does not happen very often. I think they are proud of ale or Gigi, but - but that does not prove anything - but it has become almost normal for them to have it. It' happened to me sometimes, Claudio even less, and especially the first few times you try even bigger thrill. "

To address a champion like Ibra and mark during the week did you prepare in a special way?
"We always study the individual teams. It can not be a single person to mark a key player like Ibrahimovic, but he always tries according to the opponent - as was Giovinco - to have just some small tricks as a team. So we are also preparing them Ibrahimovic Milan and all the other ".

I wanted to thank George, at a time because its not particularly happy with the courage to come and take the fight with us fans, but we love him very much. It 'a great man who deserves the black and white jersey with this attitude. The fact is that journalists continue to criticize us because they hate and fear us back what we have to ridiano. But George is a man proud of his black and white shirt as we are proud of him. How do you react when there are these times when the criticism comes. Affect you?
"Thanks. I think after a bit we're used to. Especially at certain levels, more and more arrivals at the top you will be subject to criticism if something wrong. Maybe they will learn at a very high performance and then when you're a little 'undertone is much more emphasized. But then, finally, as in all periods of difficulties in life, the only way is to work, hide and continue to do what one has always done with the usual commitment. "

At a time when one grows, then, is not that things should always go well ...
"I think that in all things be so. Then it is also nice to get out. But to be honest, the affection of the fans feel it every day, every time I play, whenever I'm around Turin, I can only be proud of it. "

If Sunday had to score a goal, you dedicated? I come from Teramo and there and back I will have to shoulder ... 1500 km
"I would have one thousand dedications to do, but I promise that if I make goals, I will mention about my social."

I believe that goal will do Sunday ...

It 'better than Ibrahimovic Sunday there is, or should there be. In my opinion it is better that there is because I'm sure you will do with him a great performance ....
"In my opinion, when there are these samples, it is also nice deal, because then the taste of winning with the champions on the field is even more beautiful. We were lucky to beat in recent years Ibrahimovic to beat AC Milan, beating well Inter few times, and then I think you still have more and gives you even more conviction and strength. "

There is a different flavor ...
"Yes, because in the end if you miss a player like you always have an alibi valid, but in my opinion is even more so for us Protestant. It 'good that we are the champions, it is good to meet them, serve to improve and give a tastes even better with this challenge. "

Because it changes the job of the defense in the new way to play the Count?
"Defensively every coach works differently, there is a coach who works the same as another. Sometimes there's little trick: there are differences from year to year, but it also changes depending on how you play opponents , and all of the features. And 'slightly different'.

Conte, however, has changed radically the way of working?
"No, no, here we always talk about details, but are very important, however, in the end, football is ...".

Three adjectives to describe Count ...
"Passionate for sure, meticulous and Juventus."

How are training this year than last year?
"The main difference, especially early, is that until Christmas we ever Champions League and then we had little time to do workouts, heavy weights, it looked very consignment. This year, from this point of view, There is a little 'more time to work. I think more about the work load from last year, then, you know, has changed a little' work force in the gym, the methodologies. Which is better and what Worse, it's all moot, is relative. Something has changed and we are always available to staff and we are giving our best to work well and be well positioned to 100% to make a great season. "

Did you notice when Pirlo is "shaken" or "different" in this week before Juventus and Milan?
"Honestly no, but as you learn to know a little 'Andrea, is that even if a test transmits strong emotions too much. He can always be very cold at every outburst. Straconvinto are going to be a little' different playing against Milan for him. But I must say that it has fallen to a great start this new group, immediately becoming one of the main leaders. As soon as we said goodbye, have breathed it could be a key player for us. "

Pirlo has a great personality, despite being a bit 'shy ...
"Yes, exactly. It is not very extroverted, but feels much, always."

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