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Post by futbol_bill Sun Nov 06, 2022 8:53 pm

Ceballos got me thinking today. He was expressing his interest towards Betis for the Sevilla derby and hinted he may be there next year.

It’s a way early for this, but I think it will be relative later in season.

The club is clearly scouting and there is talk about potential young talent for next year and beyond, i.e. Endick, Bellington, V. Tobias. But before that they in a lot of cases, particularly midfielders, need to know who will be departing. Of course a lot depends on world cup in terms of how players are come late December and January and how team / players play rest of season.

My questions are who do think will depart.

I think we can assume, Mariano, Odriozola and Vallejo will leave.

What will Hazard do?

Both Asensio and Ceballos are playing well and it is being reported club is thinking of renewals for both. It seemed certain at one point, that Asensio would go to highest bidder, but lately he is getting what ge wanted; getting important minutes, performing well and getting to play for seleccion in WC. Will he be renewed or go, presumably to Italy or EPL? With Ceballos, it was looking that Carlo wanted him renewed as sub strength, but he has always expressed returning to his home team Betis. I think the issue was what Madrid was asking, not his salary. If he doesn’t renew he will be a free transfer. Will he renew or jump to Betis?

And the there are Kroos and Modric. Seems like the decisions are theirs, both would get a one year renewal if they decide to stay. I doubt if either would decide until end of season. What do you think?

I don’t expect and other departures. I think Hala will disagree and suggest Mendy! What do you think?
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