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Post by Thimmy Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:53 pm

Blue wrote:
Thimmy wrote:One thing I really miss about the PS era Final Fantasy games, is that every iteration in the series had a distinctively different art style and atmosphere. Like you point out, 8 didn't resonate with you, since it was so different from both it's predecessor and it's successor. I miss that. I'm sure someone like Rincon, who seems to be much more fond of the post PS2 era FF games will disagree, but I never appreciated the fact that FF 10-15 have a very similar, more realistic art style and what I consider to be more streamlined character personalities. They have their pros and cons like all other games, but ultimately, they all just seemed kind of... sanitzed to me. Unlike those who really enjoyed and liked those games, I think the drop in creativity between those two generations was a deal-breaker.

I am much more critical of PS2 FF, and FF12 is an abomination. If you have played it, and recall the bazaar system. Where to create some of the best weapons in the game you had to collect a bunch of items. And most time to do so, you had to melt bunch of items to another then on another. Very time consuming already, but what made it even more time consuming is that some enemies that dropped these items were super rare to appear in their zone. And these enemies didn't not drop the item you wanted many times, in fact that was rare itself. So imagine how frustrating it was going into a zone, where enemy to appear 5% and in that percentage the enemy to drop the item would be 2%, and some time you needed multiple of these items. Their Hunt/mark quests were also dreadful, kill a bunch of monsters with little to no context.

I remember the Bazaar system. I spent some time farming for rare items for certain weapons, but I eventually gave up without crafting anything. It just wasn't fun. At some point in that game, I decided to just rush through to the end, because I really wasn't enjoying it. I ended up doing the same thing with FF13. I really disliked the main character in 12, and pretty much everything else just seemed stale and uninspired to me.

Rincon seemed to be a big fan of it, though. I recall him talking about being excited for the remastered version, a few years back. I've also noticed that a few people on the internet seem to really like FF 12, which makes me wonder if I missed something important, or if I'm just hard to please Razz

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Top 5 Nostagic Games - Page 4 Empty Re: Top 5 Nostagic Games

Post by Myesyats Tue Jul 23, 2019 10:20 pm

Firenze wrote:
Myesyats wrote:does Assassins Creed 1 count? 2007 is already 12 years ago ffs

AC is probably my favorite game series alongside legendary titles like GTA, love it

I mean sure, crazy it was that long ago

fun fact: The original Assassins Creed reveal was what hyped me for next gen consoles and the reason I bought an XBOX 360 (think it was revealed in 2006)

game turned out to be a huge disappointment for me, but thankfully they salvaged it with the Ezio trilogy which was incredible.

Shitt I still have my Xbox elite somewhere, might as well get it out to play some AC2 Proud
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