2017/18 Kit Thread

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2017/18 Kit Thread Empty 2017/18 Kit Thread

Post by dronte Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:26 am

I think we used to have a separate thread for new kits every year, so here we go.

Please keep the thread clean of non-announced kits, only official ones.

Juve's now shirt has just been announced with the logo:

2017/18 Kit Thread 18893399_1844105048950049_3795472828383929545_n

Funny that we choose to go with a really classic looking kit, probably they were afraid to bring in anything new now that we changed the logo Very Happy Personally I really like it except the golden colors.

Bayern's kit was also announced a few days ago, the Telekom logo looks really awful

2017/18 Kit Thread Fc-bayern-trikot-home-17-18-21942

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2017/18 Kit Thread Empty Re: 2017/18 Kit Thread

Post by zigra Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:59 am

Ours is quite good if you consider what you can expect these days from Adidas. Grey stripes on the sides and none on the sleeves is really good. Of course I'd like no stripes but I guess we need another company for that. I'd like a thinner central stripe but I guess it's hard to manage with the logos.. would really like a brighter red though.

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