Romario calls for Brazilian FA president to quit for dictatorship connections

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Romario calls for Brazilian FA president to quit for dictatorship connections Empty Romario calls for Brazilian FA president to quit for dictatorship connections

Post by BarrileteCosmico Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:28 pm

Romario: "Jose Maria Marin made statements in favor of the assassin, kidnapper and torturer Sergio Fleury. He approved of the movements that lead to the torture, death and disappearance of hundreds of Brazilians. The most notable case being that of Vladimir Herzog."

Some back story:

As some of you may recall Ricardo Texeira, the former Brazilian FA president, quit amongst high corruption scandals and went to live far away from it all in Boca Raton. In his place he left his 80 year old second in command, a former politician, Jose Maria Marin who is alleged a dirty past.

In October 1975 Marin was a deputy for the military party Arena denounced at Congress that there was a communist infiltration in the culture channel and stated that "more than any other time now is the time to act so that tranquility will reign again in the homes of Sao Paulo". 16 days after that the editor of that channel, Vladimir 'Vlado' Herzog, was murdered.

'Vlado', a former BBC journalist and professor of journalism at the Sao Paulo university,was picked up by the police the day following the speech. The father of 2 he was imprisoned without trial, tortured for an hour and a half after which he wrote a "confession" to being a militant communist, was tortured again and killed. The policemen then made it look like he committed suicide by hanging on his own pants, although it was a clumsy effort. Rabbi Henry Sobel, who was in charge of his funeral, noted that there was evidence of torture.

Days later Marin defended the torturer: "We don't understand how this caliber of policeman, a man who spent his entire life fighting crime, risking his own life and that of his family, does not receive the admiration he deserves. The people should be proud of this city's citizen."

The current president of Brazil, who at 22 years was herself tortured for being a militant against the dictatorship, refuses to speak to either Texeira or Marin. Vlado's son, Ivo Herzog stated that "Dilma knows that Marin has a dity past and was complicit in my father's murder".


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