Pepe : ' Its fourth limp so I decided to do the surgery.' Marotta : ' Pepe is important player his loss is felt on the field. We need him back'

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Pepe : ' Its fourth limp so I decided to do the surgery.' Marotta : ' Pepe is important player his loss is felt on the field. We need him back'  Empty Pepe : ' Its fourth limp so I decided to do the surgery.' Marotta : ' Pepe is important player his loss is felt on the field. We need him back'

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Simone Pepe Juventus general manager Giuseppe Marotta have spoken to Sky Sport 24 to clarify sull'infortunio the outside Rome, who announced during the interview of having to go under the knife to permanently solve the problem of the flexor left thigh. transcribed in full the statements made by both:


How are you, Simon? The injury of July, then the relapse in December. Now what do you mean?
"I had a bit of trouble, we are now trying to resolve to move forward. Luckily I have my teammates, the fans are always close to me because I spent a year a bit 'difficult. Thanks to my family, to society always gave me his input, I still managed to continue to live with a smile, even though it is very difficult. "

The problem is the left thigh ...
"The flexor left he gave me a lot of problems: it is the fourth relapse on the same point, so we are considering what to do. We decided, indeed, it was decided today (for the operation, ed), so then you will know everything , dates and everything else. "

What to expect in the coming weeks?
"We would expect an operation, I'll do a small operation to return to play as soon as possible, which is what interests us all. And I have a great desire, however, because for a player who lives in recent months ... I've always been in Vinovo, always present, however, because my teammates help me also to pass the difficult time. Due to my partner and my family have done everything else. now I will make a small operation and I hope to return as soon as possible, return to play is the most important thing. "

Do you already this season and we look at next?
"I do not know, let's see what they say for the operation, dates and everything, then we will see what is the recovery time."

What about a particular moment of these difficult months: see Juventus take the field at Celtic Park and forced you in the stands. How did you experience these moments?
"I had a pleasant time because the team at Celtic Park, in a fiery climate has played a great game. I feel an integral part of this team, so I'm very happy with what the team does, they are always close to my companions as they know, because then I always find here ready to give my contribution also from outside. "

It 'just to talk about the Juventus goal Scudetto and Champions League dream?
"Dreaming does not cost anything, rightly so. We have shown that we are a good team and we have to continue to prove that in the struggle both in the Champions League Title."


Near Simone is also the managing director Beppe Marotta. Why is this presence, because the proximity of the company right now?
"Because we want to just show our affection for a boy, a professional who has given a lot to Juventus, especially last season. Our proximity can not do the impossible, but wants to testify as I said the great affection and above all ' side by side in what is a process from having to fulfill in the coming weeks. "

We can say that when Pepe will return to the pitch as a new purchase? Maybe I reprint it again?
"Yes, if cosideriamo this season we have not been able to use it and this is a lack which in any case was heard.'s Hope is to find it in the field as quickly as possible. For our part, there is great optimism, because I hope that this ordeal for him is about to terminate, at least in the step of identifying what is a medical process carried through analise objective, from the diagnostic point of view, through advice which have been made on several occasions with the luminaries of matter. So We are confident and I wish him all the best healing in order to return to be one of us. "


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