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Post by DeviAngel Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:20 pm

A lot of effort but little concrete, a lot of smoke and little roast. This is what prompted Juventus supporters last night to whistle Sebastian Giovinco, author of a good performance but unable to influence in decisive moments. This concept that emerges from the pages of, where it is highlighted as the atomic ant has done so in fits and starts playing high school, but also so wrong, too: "The goalless draw with Lazio that come to the surface once again, the larger limit of Juventus: the lack of that bomber able to finalize the imposing game created by the team. viewfinder is finished Giovinco, Saturday booed by the fans. c On Tuesday ' is already the Champions League, with the decisive match against Chelsea was Drogba, who think the Bianconeri for the January market. Giovinco, to be honest, he is given a great deal to do well against Lazio. Corsa, flash, lightning. But many dribbling wrong (Cool and lost balls. (18) What is more he is criticized, however, is the lack of clarity sill at key moments. The Bianconeri continue to monitor the market in view of January, when the club could intervene to make available to the Count striker can score goals "heavy." refers to the identikit Didier Drogba, currently linked to Shanghai Shenhua (China), but ready to move. "

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