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Round 25 Talking Points Empty Round 25 Talking Points

Post by Art Morte Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:38 am

1) Manchester United v Liverpool

2) Relegation Battle:
Blackburn (19th) v QPR (16th)
Bolton (18th) v Wigan (20th)
Wolves (17th) v West Brom (15th)

What a massive weekend for these teams, the bottom six all playing another bottom six club.
If Wigan lose, they will be at least seven points (eight, if Wolves win their game) from 17th, the last survivor's place. As good as relegated in that case?
Must-win games for home teams, but I've a feeling we will see one away win from these three fixtures.

3) Everton v Chelsea
Just like previous weekend's Chelsea v Manc United, I'd like a draw from this one as well (don't want ManU nor Everton winning any games, but neither want Chelsea getting three points as they must not finish in top-4).

4) Sunderland v Arsenal
Sunderland: 6 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss in previous 8 games.
Arsenal: 3 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses in their previous 8 games.
Who exactly is the favourite here? Is there one? I don't know, I just want the Black Cats to win!

5) Tottenham v Newcastle
Double-Demba-Power to upset Spurs at White Hart Lane?? Perhaps not likely, but possible nevertheless.

Art Morte
Art Morte
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Round 25 Talking Points Empty Re: Round 25 Talking Points

Post by Great Leader Sprucenuce Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:07 pm

1) Got a feeling United and Liverpool will be a draw.

2) As much as i'd like to see Everton take some points off the Chav's i just cant see it...... so a Chelsea win.

3) Arsenal will whack them 6-0

4) If Tottenham go with their the lineup against Lineup which to me while defensively solid was toothless upfront, they were desperately missing Lennon and VDV then i think we have a great chance of actually winning.

If Cabaye and Tiote were available i would almost expect a win thats how confident i would be.

Will take a draw tho Very Happy ( aslong we win our next 2 home games)
Great Leader Sprucenuce
Great Leader Sprucenuce
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