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Post by Patrick Bateman Fri 27 Jan 2012, 11:35

Today, the newspaper The Romanist has spoken exclusively Giallorossi talent Erik Lamela . shows you the most important steps of the interview.

The expulsion of Turin. A few words with Chiellini too?
No. No provocation, only one contact. There were no provocations because until then I played pretty much across the field. We had not taken. Right.

Juventus 3-0 Roma: why?
Why should we start reading some even better games. It was not a problem of approach. The attitude was the right one because even in the first field trip we wanted to do the game in the standings. We held the ball until there was quell'inserimento for the first goal and the game She's in a bad way. It 'obvious that we need to correct something, it is clear that we still have to improve. It would be strange to the contrary, no one thinks he has things in hand.

The team dinner. Who organized it?
Totti. It 'was an idea of the captain. It 'was organized on the bus after Turin. I am fine in this team. He gives me lots of advice and I can not hear that, because Francis of Rome knows everything, is there always, is Roman, knows the environment better than anyone. He and De Rossi told me about what is Rome, what it means to play here. I know exactly where they are, know the importance of this tee and responsibilities I have. But it remains an honor to have some examples and some companions.

Once and for all, what has happened in the locker room in Udine?
It 'was a fight for a play of the game, there was more. I never said the words that he is not Maradona, and there were no other problems. It 'was a discussion on the game, definitely on.

Lamela could really be of Barcelona ...
Ah, the history of the specimen as a kid ... I made ​​five goals in a youth tournament in Catalonia, the Barça observers saw me and told my father that I wanted with them. I was in Buenos Aires.

Regret having said no?
No, because I said yes to the River Plate, which was my favorite team. Because my dream was to debut in the Primera with the shirt of River and to score for the River. No, because now I'm in Rome.

And what is Rome-Lazio?
I've seen so far from the bench. I'd love to play and I'd like to score under the South Then I'll be able to say what is "more derby."

Lots of you have called "Special."
Totti is a special player, not me. In fact all are special to Rome.

Sabatini also said that you're special. She's spent so much on you, what did he say to convince you to come to Rome?
He told me many things, but nothing to convince me to come to Rome. You should not convince anyone to come and play in Rome.

In Rome there is a feeling towards you, and particularly new. There is also the fear that one day someone like this ... Special can take it away. For example, if Barcelona returned to ask you what would you do?
I'm in Rome, I do not think of anything else. Talking about it would also be wrong. I just got here and I have to grow up so, I learn so much, I have to work so hard. I'm fine here and I'm happy. I must and will give everything for this team that is giving me everything.

Luis Enrique.
No, I do not want to talk about so much, you know ... I tell you I'll play with him and always play the same way, both at home and away, with the first or the last in the standings. I like that.

Where can reach Rome?
The shield is a bit um 'out ... Let's say the third.

What are you getting Lamela with Rome?
to win the Champions League.

And 'what next?
We have a group so strong, we are experiencing, we are young. We believe. We feel a strong team, but we have to work. We know that we must work to achieve something great for this city.

Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman
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Lamela Interview Empty Re: Lamela Interview

Post by JAY-Z Fri 27 Jan 2012, 13:51

So modest and humble guy.

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Lamela Interview Empty Re: Lamela Interview

Post by chaval Sat 28 Jan 2012, 06:53

has he learned italian yet?
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