Cobolli Gigli: "Juve need a miracle. Boniperti new Del Piero. Pepe purchase more appropriate. Krasic as Nedved"

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Cobolli Gigli: "Juve need a miracle. Boniperti new Del Piero. Pepe purchase more appropriate. Krasic as Nedved" Empty Cobolli Gigli: "Juve need a miracle. Boniperti new Del Piero. Pepe purchase more appropriate. Krasic as Nedved"

Post by DeviAngel Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:22 am

Days are hot in the house Juventus on Tuesday, the statements of President Andrea Agnelli at Lingotto have raised a fuss because the communication between a preview of farewell Del Piero and stored in the management of the previous leadership. decided to better understand how things really are and to make the journey in the company has decided to rely on Juventus - exclusively - to a nocchero of exception as the former Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli.

We start from the Case Del Piero: what impression was made ​​of the story?

"The fact of farewell it could be assumed that sooner or later happen. Always regrettable, because it is a great champion who has given extraordinary play, linking its name to the success of Juventus last twenty years. I would call the third Boniperti millennium ".

How Boniperti could pursue a career management ...

"I guess you play a year or even abroad, perhaps in America. After that could really make a career management. Of course that Del Piero is still lovely Sunday in Verona from technical point of view, sin is his experience at dusk Juventus ".

Juve can win the Scudetto?

"The others are big and are still struggling in the standings. Juve can take advantage, exploiting the fact of having committed a single week. Honestly though I see the Bianconeri from the first three places, one should not deceive the fans, even if the miracles in football sometimes happen ...".

How do you respond to the accusations instead of Andrea Agnelli on economic management of the club relative to past seasons?

"I do not think that there is no need to respond. Juventus is a club listed on the stock, so all operations are in the sunlight. Then I think the results speak: with myself at the helm of Juventus returned to Serie A immediately . In the top division, then we hit third and second place, it seems to me that in recent years there have been any better results. "

Let Marotta: This year seems to have guessed all purchases. What was the best shot of digg?

"Vucinic and Vidal are definitely good players, to judge and Elijah Estigarribia expect to see them in the field. However, the purchase seems more appropriate to me that Pepe has revitalized Count. After one year the outside world is demonstrating the qualities that had accompanied the his landing in Turin. "

About external, how does the collapse of return of Krasic?

"I think the problem of Serbia is primarily psychological in nature. If I were to take a leaf from Count Lippi, trying to find a new tactical solution to recover as he did in his time Lippi with a certain Pavel Nedved. Do not forget that the Czech, when he arrived by Lazio, it took several months to acclimate. Only with the new role that sewed Lippi, Pavel managed to establish itself. "

Many fans of the old leadership reproach for not having fought on Calciopoli Andrea Agnelli as it is doing. How come you were at that time not so combative?

"In reality the situation over the years has changed radically. Now have emerged that involved wiretapping the other clubs. We had had the time, I can assure you that we would have given battle as President is doing right now the Lambs . Do not forget that today is the lawyer for Juventus or the same Briamonte of our management. The only thing that has changed are the papers now available to the defense. "

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