Cobolli Gigli: 'Juve love beating Inter!'

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Cobolli Gigli: 'Juve love beating Inter!'  Empty Cobolli Gigli: 'Juve love beating Inter!'

Post by DeviAngel Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:11 pm

Former Juventus President Giovanni Cobolli Gigli can’t wait for to tonight’s Derby d’Italia. “Inter are not the enemy. We just enjoy beating them more than anyone else!”

Cobolli Gigli was in charge of the club after the Calciopoli scandal broke, when the ‘Triade’ of Luciano Moggi, Roberto Bettega and Antonio Giraudo resigned.

“I am looking forward to this match with apprehension and hope,” he told Italian magazine Panorama.

“I have wonderful memories of this tie, including Mauro Camoranesi’s offside goal at San Siro. I am from the Giampiero Boniperti era and he said ‘winning when offside is still winning,’ naturally respecting the rules and ethics.

“Inter were never the enemy, as Jose Mourinho claimed. They were merely the opponents we felt most passionately and we just enjoy beating them more than anyone else!”

The clash has become even more bitter in recent years after new wiretapped phone calls emerged from that time regarding Inter. The Nerazzurri were found guilty of sporting fraud, but the statute of limitations had expired, so could not have titles stripped.

“I believe for the players who went through Calciopoli there is even more motivation in this game. Juve were punished severely in that trial and it emerged later on that they weren’t the only ones involved, plus they were charged with minor offences rather than sporting fraud.

“I would love one day for someone to explain why some phone calls were not included in the investigation and why Inter’s evidence cannot go through a proper trial...”

Cobolli Gigli also had criticism for current Juventus President Andrea Agnelli and Coach Antonio Conte after the recent very public row with Milan over refereeing errors.

“There was a moment in which Juventus raised the temperature of the debate too much. For me Juventus remains the club of Boniperti with the style of Gianni and Umberto Agnelli. That for me is Juventus and I’d be happy if it retained that style.”

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